Mutual Of Omaha

We are experts in protecting seniors.

Entering your golden years can be stressful. We specialize in helping seniors shop for the best burial insurance, Medicare Advantage/Supplemental plans, and annuities at the lowest price possible.

Seniors Mutual only represents the most trusted carriers in the business, and can help you find and compare quotes from them all for FREE.

Our mission is to make your transition to being a senior as simple as possible.

Maybe it’s certainty about your family’s financial well being.

Maybe it’s knowing you are on track for a great and secure retirement.

No matter what it is, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution or policy. We take the time to understand your needs and specific situation to come up with a policy that works for you.

How To Save Big On Insurance

It’s no secret that the cost of insurance is rising.

The real secret to navigating the very complex world of finance is to have an expert do it for you!

What makes us different is that we don’t represent one carrier, we represent lost of different carriers. We are breaking down the traditional way of doing financial business in the digital age.

Here’s how you can save big on any insurance policy you write with us…

1. We Find The Best Rates For You

Insurance companies don’t allow you to buy directly from them, they require an agent. Traditionally, agents have represented only one company and gone door to door. We are breaking that mold.

Since we represent lots of carriers, we can find the one the best policy for you depending on your health and age.

Some carriers are not good to buy from at certain points in your life!

For example, if you have a heart condition or diabetes, that would automatically exclude you from certain carriers, and for some make it outrageously expensive.

We know how to find the best carrier and rates for you depending on your unique situation.

2. Diverse

We do not charge for our time. We simply want to help you find the best policy for you.

Most agents will try to push you into buying more coverage, or sell you a policy from only one carrier, which probably isn’t the best option for you.

Since we represent multiple companies, we are giving our advice with no conflicting priorities.

3. Dedication

We are not a large call center or agency that doesn’t have the time to properly devote the energy and attention to find the best policy for you.

You are our complete focus from beginning to end, helping you find the best rates that large companies and carriers won’t grant you.

4. Free Quotes

The quotes you see when you fill out a form or talk to an agent are shown based on age, health, and amount of coverage depending on the insurance.

This does not obligate you to do anything. These are absolutely free and always will be!

We believe consumers should see all of the options available to them in a transparent way.

5. Online Information

We are pioneering a new way to make financial decisions completely online.

You can find all of these quotes and information on any policy from the palm of your hand, even sign the application for coverage!

In the age of technology, we believe this is the future and are always innovating to make your experience better.