2022 Guide To Mutual Of Omaha Burial Insurance [Free Quotes]

Mutual Of Omaha Burial Insurance

Mutual Of Omaha is one of the most well known burial insurance companies. But they have many different products such as Medicare supplement and advantage plans, annuities, and other types of life insurance.

So how do you know if they are right for you for burial insurance?

In this guide we will cover their burial insurance product, Living Promise, how it rates compared to other burial insurance companies, and if it is right for you.

If you want to move forward with Mutual Of Omaha, give us a call or fill out our quote form and we will get you approved in a matter of minutes.

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Living Promise

Their burial insurance product is called “Living Promise” and is one of the most popular plans on the market. It is very similar to other burial insurance plans in that it…

  • Never goes up in price once you start it
  • Death benefit never goes down
  • Never expires
  • Has cash value that goes up over time

This is nothing special compared to other burial insurance companies.

Living Promise also comes with a few additional riders for no additional cost…

  • Nursing Home Confinement Rider – You can use up to 50% of the death benefit while still living if you are confined to a nursing home.
  • Terminal Illness Rider – You can use up to 50% of the death benefit while still alive to pay for healthcare expenses if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Again these are pretty standard in the industry. Most companies offer these riders for free with their policies.

Level Plan

Living Promise is broken up into two categories, depending on how you qualify. The first option for the most healthy people that most people will qualify for is called their “Level” plan. A few things to know about this plan…

  • Immediate Coverage (No Waiting Period)
  • Lowest Premiums
  • Ages 45-85
  • $2,000 – $40,000 in Coverage
  • All States Except NY

This level plan has some of the lowest rates on the market compared to all other burial insurance companies. Often times if they are not the lowest price for you, they are second or third.

If you have no significant health conditions or medications you should qualify for this product. Here is a sample application and the health questions that you must answer “no” to to qualify.

Graded Plan

If you answer “yes” to some of the health questions on the second portion of the application, they will only offer you their graded plan. A few things to know about this plan…

  • Partial Waiting Period (First Two Years Return of Premium Plus 10% interest)
  • Slightly Higher Premiums
  • Ages 45-80
  • $2,000 – $20,000 in Coverage
  • All States Except AR, MT, NC & NY

This plan is their waiting period plan for slightly unhealthy people. They will refund 110% of your premiums if you die within the first two year. After two years you are fully covered no matter what.

While this plan is a little more expensive, it can still be the best price for people with certain health conditions, such as a recent heart attack. While you will have to go through the two year waiting period, this plan is consistently still one of the lowest prices for you depending on your unique situation.


Since the vast majority of people either qualify for level coverage with Mutual of Omaha or another burial insurance company, we will provide the level rates for coverage here. You can also fill out our quote form to see level rates among all of the companies we work with.


As you can see, prices can get very expensive if you start a whole life policy later in life. Fortunately, there are other companies that usually beat out Mutual Of Omaha in price when you are very old (80+), like Aetna. Our quote form shows all of the prices.

Filing A Claim

Mutual Of Omaha is one of the most trusted names in the business for good reason. They have never missed a claim payout in their many years in the business, and have one of the highest satisfaction scores among policyholders.

Click here if you need to file a claim with Mutual Of Omaha.

You can also call their claims department at 888-493-6902 if you want to talk to someone.

Is Mutual Of Omaha Burial Insurance Good For Seniors?

Mutual Of Omaha is our #1 Best Overall rated company. While they give the best price for most people, if they are not the best price they are very close behind.

In the end, it’s best not to go with any company just because you know them. A lot of the companies you see on T.V. or see in the mail are actually not the best policy or company for you.

The best way to know if Mutual Of Omaha is the best company for you is to work with an independent agency like Seniors Mutual. We have access to all of the top companies and can guarantee that you get the best price on the market.

Often times that is Mutual of Omaha, but sometimes it is not, and that is okay! There are plenty of household names in the industry that offer great coverage.

Also, if you are interested in looking at Mutual of Omaha’s other products like dental, health, annuities, long term care, or accidental death life insurance give us a call and we will be happy to talk through all of their different products and if they are good for you.

We hope this guide was helpful and if you have any further questions please reach out!


Can I get burial insurance for my parents?

Yes, and this is very easy to do. Both people, you and the proposed insured, will need to sign the application and it only takes 30 seconds.

Do funeral expenses come out of life insurance?

The payment for any type fo life insurance, such as burial insurance, is a 100% tax free cash payment to your beneficiary whoever you list that as. They can use that cash payment for whatever they need, and anything left over they keep.

Will Social Security help pay for burial expenses?

Yes, but Social Security will only pay $255 upon death and that’s it. Hardly enough to cover the final expenses.