AARP Dental Insurance Review: Below-Average In 2023


AARP Dental Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


AARP offers dental insurance through Delta Dental, however, their prices are not good and their customer service reviews are awful. You can find better comprehensive benefits elsewhere.

✅ Extensive network❌ No vision or hearing coverage
❌ Have to pay AARP member dues
❌ Above average raes
❌ Poor customer reviews

AARP is one of the most well-known organizations in the country for seniors.

However, their insurance plans leave much to be desired.

This article covers all that AARP has to offer in terms of dental insurance and our recommendation for their products.

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AARP Dental Coverage

All AARP dental plans are offered through Delta Dental.

PPO plans let you go to any dentist but if you go to one in the network you may get better prices.

The HMO plan requires you to see a dentist in the network.

But what do they cover?

ServicePPO Plan A (You Pay)PPO Plan B (You Pay)Delta Care HMO (You Pay)
Office Visits0%20%$5
Tooth Removal50%50%$10-$140
Root Canals50%50%$125-$365
Implants50%50%Not Covered
Gum Cleanings50%50%$45
Gum Treatments50%50%$95-$385
Denture Repair20%50%$55
Complete Dentures50%50%$365-$385
TMJ Treatment50%50%Not Covered
OrthodonticsNot CoveredNot Covered$2,100/Adult; $1,900/Child
Annual Maximum Benefit$1,500$1,000None

AARP Dental Prices

Dental plans from AARP are above average in price. You can find consistently cheaper plans with the same or more amount of coverage elsewhere like Mutual of Omaha or Aetna.

Below are AARP’s prices for each plan.

TypePPO Plan APPO Plan BDelta Care HMO
2 People$126/month$88/month$70/month
3 People$192/month$125/month$103/month

AARP Dental Provider Network

AARP dental provider network is offered through Delta Dental.

For the PPO plans, you can see any dentist, with the possibility to pay less if you see someone in the network.

The HMO plans require you to see someone in the network.

Click here to look up dentists in your area in the network.

AARP Dental Plans For Seniors

AARP dental plans offered through Delta Dental do not come with vision or hearing benefits.

This is unfortunate considering this is one of the gaps that Medicare does not cover, and many seniors need.

If you are looking for comprehensive coverage for dental, vision, and hearing to fill in the gaps of Medicare, Aetna is probably going to be your best bet.

AARP Dental Insurance Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for AARP dental plans are below average, with a high number of complaints.

Click here to read reviews on consumer affairs.

You will find the number of complaints to be high compared to their competitors.


Overall, we do not ever see a reason to choose AARP as your dental insurance coverage.

Their reviews are below-average and their prices are high.

Furthermore, you can get more comprehensive coverage through other companies like Aetna and Mutual Of Omaha for the same or lower rates.

Although AARP is very popular and well-known, we recommend steering away from them for many types of insurance.

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