About Seniors Mutual

Who are we?

Seniors Mutual is an independent insurance agency that specializes in helping seniors find the best and cheapest final expense life insurance, Medicare supplement & Advantage plans, and annuity insurance coverage that fits their unique needs. So what makes us different?

  • We represent 15 different insurance companies to find the best price or product
  • Our services are 100% free of charge
  • We can find coverage for anyone – no matter your health!

And it doesn’t stop there.

Senior Market

We specialize in the senior market, after all, we are called “Seniors Mutual”. This means we know the best insurance carriers for seniors that might not be the best at other stages of life.

Getting insurance as a senior can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us guide you through the process quickly and with no hiccups.

No Obligation

You are under no obligation to buy any products shown on this site or over the phone. We pride ourselves on providing seniors with options and letting them decide what works best for them.

If you ever want to cancel a policy or have second thoughts, just say the word.

Lowest Rates Possible

We will find the lowest rate possible for you and your unique needs. Period.

And we do this at no additional cost to you. You can be confident you are finding the best rates from all of the insurance carriers in your state.

There are no differences in coverage quality for many types of plans, so we will shop the market for you to find the best rate for that plan.

Our Founder

Kelly Maxwell is the founder and owner of Seniors Mutual.

He started in the life insurance business working for a captive agency, representing one over-priced insurance company.

He quickly found out this was not in the best interest of the consumer and left to start an online brokerage that would let him represent multiple carriers from all over the U.S. and give people transparency by showing FREE quotes from all of the top-rated insurance companies.

This was not the traditional way to do insurance in decades past.

Insurance companies do not like showing prices because then they would have to lower theirs!

Luckily, after a lot of searching, Kelly found a way to show everyone free, accurate, instant quotes with no obligation, all online.

And the best way to serve seniors in this industry is show them all of the options available, give advice, and let them choose!

Thus Seniors Mutual was born.

To this day, Seniors Mutual abides by these three rules:

1. Be transparent with all of your options for insurance.

2. Educate each client so they feel certain they are making a wise decision.

3. Provide value above and beyond the price of insurance

We will always keep to these rules and put you FIRST!