About Seniors Mutual

Who are we?

Seniors Mutual is an independent insurance brokerage that specializes in helping seniors find the best and cheapest final expense life insurance, Medicare, and annuity coverage that fits their unique needs. So what makes us different?

1. We represent many different insurance companies which means we work to find the best policy for you.

2. We find the best price for coverage possible.

Our goal is simple. Educate and advise potential consumers on their best options.

We will never pressure you into any sale like most agents.

Senior Market

Seniors are frequently targeted with scams and aggressive sales tactics. That is not who we are.

We specialize in the senior market. This means we are experts in finding seniors the best price possible for coverage, no matter what company or where it is from.

No Obligation

You have our promise that we will never pressure you to buy. You are in control of the process, and if you just want more information or quotes, you can have a conversation with us with no obligation.

Best of all, our expert advice and quotes are completely FREE and always will be!

Lowest Rates Possible

We will find the lowest rate possible for you and your unique needs. Period.

And we do this at no additional cost to you. You rates are as low as possible and not a penny more for buying from us.

What Insurance companies cover is almost identical no matter who you buy from. Since we represent and contract with almost all of the insurance companies out there, we will shop for you and find the best rate possible.

Our Founder

Kelly Maxwell is the founder and owner of Seniors Mutual.

He started out in the life insurance business working for a captive agency, representing one carrier that wanted him to up-sell consumers and pressure them to buy.

He quickly found out this was not in the best interest of the consumer and left to start his own online brokerage that would let him represent multiple carriers from all over the U.S. and give people transparency by showing FREE quotes from all of the top rated insurance companies.

This was not the traditional way to do insurance.

Insurance companies do not like showing prices because then they would have to offer a better product!

Luckily, after a lot of searching, Kelly found a way to show everyone free, accurate, instant quotes with no obligation, all online.

If you ask him, he will tell you that the best salesman does not actually sell, they serve.

And the best way to serve seniors in this industry is show them all of the options available, give advice, and let them choose!

No pushy sales talk.

Thus Seniors Mutual was born.

To this day, Seniors Mutual abides by these three rules:

1. Be radically transparent with all of the options available to each customer.

2. Provide additional recommendations to find the right policy for them.

3. No pushy sales talk. Every person can buy on their own terms.

We will always keep to these rules and put you FIRST!