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Kelly is the owner and founder of Seniors Mutual, the insurance agency designed to help seniors find the lowest cost burial life insurance, medicare supplement and advantage plans, and annuity insurance to give them financial peace of mind. Seniors Mutual is an independent insurance agency that works with all of the top insurance companies to find the best deal and product for you.

Can You 1035 Exchange From Life Insurance To An Annuity? – All You Need To Know

What is a 1035 exchange? How do they work? 1035 exchanges can get complicated. In this guide we will answer common questions about the 1035 exchange and how you can utilize it to have guaranteed income for life and how the 1035 exchange relates to annuities and life insurance. Table Of Contents What Is A…
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Burial Insurance & SSI

Burial Insurance & Social Security – 2021 Guide

Questions about Social Security and final expenses? How much insurance can you get with SSI? What if I’m disabled? These are all common questions about Social Security and it’s impact on final expenses and burial life insurance. In this guide we will answer these questions and more about Social Security and what you need to…
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Foresters Life Review

Foresters Burial Life Insurance Review, Free Quotes, & Application

Foresters Financial has been around since 1874 and is one of the top companies for many different types of financial products such as term life, universal life, burial life insurance, single premium whole life, traditional whole life, and annuities. If you want sample quotes for their final expense burial life insurance product for seniors, fill…
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Top 3 Burial Life Insurance Companies For Obese Seniors

Many seniors that are outside of height and weight guidelines have trouble getting affordable coverage for burial life insurance. That’s because many companies that have medical underwriting have very strict guidelines for height and weight. However, there are a few companies that do not have height and weight build charts whatsoever, and won’t even ask…
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Do I need A Medicare Broker? | How To Find The Best Medicare Brokers

Many people wonder if they need a Medicare broker at all to get medicare insurance or sign up for Medicare. Medicare brokers are simply independent agents that are appointed with many different insurance carriers to find you the best plan for you. This means you can can find the best plan for unique needs and…
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Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D Plans For Seniors In 2021 & 2022

Medicare can be very confusing, especially for seniors just hitting age 65. There is a lot of misinformation out there and marketing gimmicks to get seniors to sign up for all sorts of medicare insurance. In this no nonsense guide we are going to go over one of the most important aspects of Medicare, Medicare…
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Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85 & Tips To Save

Some people can have a hard time finding life insurance for a senior over the age of 85. That’s really because most companies will not insure you after the age of 85. The good news is there are a few companies out there that offer coverage up to age 90. In this article we are…
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Open Care Senior Plan Review

Open Care Final Expense Life Insurance Review

Have you seen an ad for Open Care and want to know more about their company and product? You’ve come to the right place. In this article we are going to go over who is Open Care, what their product does and how it stacks up to the competition. Table Of Contents Who Is Open…
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Funeral Cost

Funeral Cost Breakdown & Best Tips To Save

When planning for final expenses, many people have a general idea of how much they are expecting to pay. But how much is it really? It truly depends on what you’re planning on doing, wether that’s a cremation or traditional funeral and burial. It even depends on the area of the country you live in…
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Prescription Drug Card

Get Your Free Prescription Drug Card – Save Up To 80% On Your Prescriptions

On behalf of consumers nationwide, many prescription drug companies have negotiated discount rates with drugstores and retail outlets. Many uninsured and under-insured seniors are at risk of getting gouged at the pharmacy if they need some serious prescriptions. That’s where a free prescription drug card comes in. We a prescription drug partner that allows us…
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