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Top 3 Best Annuities For Seniors In 2024

Best Annuities For Seniors

Many seniors today are worried about their savings and how much Social Security will pay out. The truth is an increasing amount of seniors are being squeezed by rising inflation and market volatility.

Annuities can play a big part of a seniors retirement plan, but how do you know which one to get or which company to buy from?

In this article we will go over our top 3 recommendations for annuities, why they are good for seniors, and how to know if an annuity is for you.

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What Is An Annuity?

The basics of an annuity are pretty simple. You give cash to an annuity company, either a lump sum or monthly payments over time, and the annuity company will give you and/or a spouse income for life. The payment that they give you will depend on how much you give to them and when you elect to start receiving payments from the company. Social Security and pensions are examples of annuities.

Many seniors use annuities to make sure they never run out of money from their savings or retirement accounts.

When Should Seniors Consider An Annuity?

While young people can get better returns from maxing out their 401k and Roth IRA plans, many seniors do not have many years until retirement or are already retired. All types of annuities are either fixed or variable, the latter being if your annuity’s payout resembles the market’s performance or is fixed. Sometimes there is a combination of both.

Immediate Annuity

If you are quickly approaching retirement, an immediate annuity that starts to pay out within 12 months is a good option for most seniors. You make a lump sum payment and the annuity company will pay you a monthly income for life.

Deferred Annuity

Some seniors who have some time before they need to start receiving income payments from the annuity company can get a deferred annuity instead. These annuities will pay a higher monthly payment to you because the annuity company has longer to invest your money.

Both immediate and deferred annuities are great options for seniors who have no or little time to spare before they need to start collecting income payments.

Best Annuities For Seniors

Below are our top 3 recommendations for seniors approaching or already in retirement. While there are many more companies that are great companies that we work with, most of the time your best option is going to be one of these 3.

AIG | Best Innovator

AIG Burial Insurance
  • Index Annuity – These annuities are great for seniors planning for retirement or are already there. Indexed annuities match market performance with set limits. AIG has three different types of indexed annuities.
  • Polaris Variable Annuities – Polaris variable annuities have more growth potential and more potential downside, but there are no safeguards on these variable annuities.
  • Assured Edge And American Pathway – These annuities from AIG offer more protection from market fluctuations and greater access to your money.
  • American Edge Immediate And Deferred Income – The most basic type of annuities, these provide set payments for life and can be received immediately or deferred for a period of years.

Why We Chose It…

AIG is a leading annuity provider that has some of the most innovative products for seniors. Since there are a lot of different annuity products to choose from, they can offer a solution for practically any purpose or situation.

AIG also has some of the best customer service reviews and an A- with the Better Business Bureau and a financial rating of A with A.M. Best.

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Fidelity | Best For Potential Growth

Fidelity Investments
  • Asset Accumulation – Deferred fixed and Fidelity Personal Retirement Annuity are both great annuity products that have some of the best growth potential over time. These are for seniors who have many years until retirement or can wait a long time before collecting payments.
  • Asset Protection – For seniors who do not have much time until they reach retirement Fidelity’s Deferred Income Annuity offers asset protection with a little growth potential.
  • Income Generation – This is their Immediate Fixed Income annuity, best for seniors already in retirement that want to pay a lump sum and start collecting payments immediately for life so they don’t outlive their money.

Why We Chose It…

Fidelity is one of the most well known companies for financial products, especially annuities. Their three types of annuity classes are very easy for seniors to understand and have very good rates. They are especially good at their asset accumulation annuities, offering some of the highest upside for any annuity.

Fidelity does not have the best ratings with the Better Business Bureau, with an official rating of C- but have an excellent financial rating of A- with A.M. Best.

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Mass Mutual | Best Financial Strength

Mass Mutual
  • Deferred Fixed Annuity – This annuity grows at a fixed interest rate with principal protection.
  • Variable Annuity – The variable annuity has potential for growth and loss depending on the market. Best for seniors who have time for this to grow.
  • Fixed Index Annuity – Also has potential for growth and loss depending on the market, but has limits.
  • Immediate Income Annuity – Immediate income for lump sum payments, this is best for seniors already in retirement.
  • Deferred Income Annuity – This income starts to pay out in the future. Best for seniors that have some time to spare before they need to start collecting income payments.

Why We Chose It…

Mass Mutual has one of the best financial ratings in the business, and they’ve held that title for quite some time. They have a great range of products for seniors to meet most income needs.

Mass Mutual also has a great rating of A with the Better Business Bureau and superior financial rating of A++ with A.M. Best.

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Which Annuity Is Best For Me?

As you can probably tell this far, there are many different types of annuities depending on the needs of each person or family. Furthermore, new annuities are coming out every year to try to better serve the needs of clients.

In the end, there are many great options for annuities. The above three companies will almost always be one of your best options, but that is not guaranteed for everyone. It is best to speak with a licensed independent agent such as someone at Seniors Mutual to determine which company will give you the best deal.


Note: This is not tax or investment advice.