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Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity Rates (2024 Update)

Below are the current Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity Rates. MYGA rates change very month, so it’s important to get high rates as soon as possible if they are trending down. To apply with any company give us a call at 469-290-8975. What Are Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities? MYGAs are fixed interest rate annuities for a…
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Immediate Annuity Income Calculator (2024 Rates)

Wether you are looking for how much an annuity will pay per month, or what kind of returns you will get on a deferred income annuity, this Immediate Annuity Income Calculator will show you the current rates for the top 15+ companies. Table Of Contents How Much Does A $100,000 Annuity Pay Monthly? A $100,000…
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Senior Life Insurance As Seen On TV (2024 Update)

Senior Life Insurance as seen on TV! If you are curious about what all of the tv commercials for senior life insurance are about you’ve come to the right place. Fill out our quoter to see senior life insurance rates for free or read along to see sample rates. Table Of Contents What Is The…
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5 Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy (2024 Rates)

Fill out our quoter to compare rates from the top rated companies for 5 million dollar life insurance policies. Looking for a 5 million dollar life insurance policy can be easy. Compare your options and look at sample rates by using an independent broker such as Seniors Mutual. This article will show you sample rates…
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Mutual Of Omaha Indexed Universal Life Reviews (2024 Rates)

Fill out our quote form to get sample rates for Mutual of Omaha’s Indexed Universal Life products and compare options. Looking for Indexed Universal Life policies? Mutual of Omaha’s IUL’s are some of the best on the market, and paired with great, easy to get approved underwriting. This article will show you all of their…
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Globe Life Insurance Review

Globe Life Mortgage Protection Insurance Review (2024 Rates)

Globe Life’s mortgage protection policy is just an accidental death policy, meaning it will only pay out in an accident. Fill out our quoter to compare rates among 15+ mortgage protection insurance carriers. If you are wondering about Globe Life’s mortgage protection policy and what it covers you’ve come to the right place. Seniors Mutual…
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AIG Mortgage Protection Insurance Review (2024 Update)

AIG mortgage protection insurance may be a good option for some borrowers, there are a few reasons why someone may not choose to go with them. Seniors Mutual Insurance is an independent agency representing all of the top companies to find the best rates or product for you. This article will show you what they…
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Renters Insurance Statistics

Critical Illness Cover Calculator (2024 Rates)

Wondering how much mortgage life insurance with critical illness cover doesn’t have to be hard. Our calculator will compare all of your options among the 25+ companies we work with. Fill out our quote form to see rates for critical illness cover. How Does It Work? State Enter your home state. Rates change depending on…
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Mortgage Protection For Seniors

Mortgage Life And Critical Illness Cover (2024 Rates)

Protecting your mortgage from death, disability, or critical illness is easy. However, you must qualify health wise. While most people can get a policy without issue, it is important to look at all of your options with an independent agency like us at Seniors Mutual. We work with 25+ different companies to find the best…
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Medicare Advantage Plans In Austin TX (2024 Update)

Compare Medicare Advantage plans in Austin and pick the best plan for you. If you are in the Austin area and looking for a Medicare Advantage plan you’ve come to the right place. Seniors Mutual is a local Austin Medicare agency that compares options for you. Read on to learn about Medicare Advantage plans in…
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