Do I need A Medicare Broker? | How To Find The Best Medicare Brokers

Many people wonder if they need a Medicare broker at all to get medicare insurance or sign up for Medicare. Medicare brokers are simply independent agents that are appointed with many different insurance carriers to find you the best plan for you. This means you can can find the best plan for unique needs and…
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Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D Plans For Seniors In 2021 & 2022

Medicare can be very confusing, especially for seniors just hitting age 65. There is a lot of misinformation out there and marketing gimmicks to get seniors to sign up for all sorts of medicare insurance. In this no nonsense guide we are going to go over one of the most important aspects of Medicare, Medicare…
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Prescription Drug Card

Get Your Free Prescription Drug Card – Save Up To 80% On Your Prescriptions

On behalf of consumers nationwide, many prescription drug companies have negotiated discount rates with drugstores and retail outlets. Many uninsured and under-insured seniors are at risk of getting gouged at the pharmacy if they need some serious prescriptions. That’s where a free prescription drug card comes in. We a prescription drug partner that allows us…
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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Vs. Medicare Supplements – Which Is Better For You?

Many seniors are surprised to learn that Medicare does not cover everything, even after paying into it our entire lives. Many seniors will have to resort to either a Medicare Advantage plan or buy a Medicare supplement (Medigap) policy at additional cost to cover the gaps in their health care coverage. But which one is…
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Medicare Plans

Medicare Plan F vs. G vs. N (2021 Update)

If you want free quotes or just want to talk with an independent agent, fill out our quote form, use our chat option, or give us a call and we will assist you. Many seniors are surprised to learn that Medicare does not cover all health care expenses. There are deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and we…
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Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers Medicare Program

The Silver Sneakers Medicare fitness program is only very attractive to many seniors who use Medicare, but also to many Medicare supplemental insurance companies. Many insurance companies know they are reducing risk by partnering with this Medicare program, which will reduce their costs in the long run. In this article we are going to go…
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Shingles Vaccine

Medicare And The Cost Of The Shingles Vaccine (2021 Update)

Many seniors get the shingles vaccine every year to prevent this horrible disease. But how much does it cost? Does Medicare cover it? The short answer is yes, but Medicare Part D is required to cover the shingles vaccine. Medicare Part A and B do not cover the shingles vaccine. In this article we are…
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