Delta Dental Insurance Review: Not Good In 2023

Delta Dental

Delta Dental Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

Delta Dental
Editor’s Rating: 2/5 Stars


Delta Dental is one of the most popular dental plans out there but it falls short when compared to the competition. Delta also does not come with vision or hearing coverage on their dental plans.

✅ Popular and trusted❌ Above-average premiums
❌ No vision or hearing coverage on dental plan
❌ High number of complaints
❌ Poor customer service

Delta Dental is one of the most popular dental brands, especially when it comes to dental insurance.

But is Delta Dental the best for you?

Most of the time, the answer is no.

Read on to find out what types of plans Delta Dental offers and how it stacks up to the competition.

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About Delta Dental

Delta Dental operates many dentists offices around the nation, but also offers dental insurance plans.

They currently have served over 80 million Americans nationwide.

Delta Dental Insurance Plans

Delta Dental has many different dental insurance plans for a variety of people.

Delta PPOStripeHelcimDeltaCare USAPatient Direct
DescriptionHas a medium-large network of dentists who offer reduced costs for certain services in the network.Has a very large network with contracted fees with Delta Dental. You pay nothing more than co-pay and deductible.A combination of Delta PPO and premier networks, giving you flexibility in your choices of dentist.HMO plan that you must go to a dentist in network, but has the lowest payments of any plan.Discount plan that has a network of dentists that agree to offer discounted rates.
Type PPOFee For ServicePPOHMODiscount Plan

The most popular plans are the Delta PPO plan and the DeltaCare USA HMO plan.

Delta PPO Plan

Here is what you pay under the Delta PPO Plan. They have two types of Delta PPO plans, basic, and premium.

Delta Basic
(You Pay)
Delta Premium
(You Pay)
Preventative (Immediately)
Office Visits0%0%
After 6 Months
Tooth Removal50%20%
Teeth Whitening100%20%
Mouth Guards100%20%
After 12 Months
Surgical Tooth Removal100%50%
Root Canals100%50%
Gum Cleanings/Treatment100%50%
Denture Repair/Complete100%50%
Annual Deductible$50$50
Annual Maximum Benefit$1000$1,500

DeltaCare USA HMO Plan

Delta Dental’s HMO plan has lower dental costs but you must visit a doctor in the network. Everything is available immediately.

DeltaCare USA (You Pay)
Office Visits$10
Tooth Removal$30-$230
Teeth Whitening$125
Surgical Tooth Removal$30-$230
Root Canals$240-$400
Gum Cleanings/Treatment$65-$260
Denture Repair/Complete$40-$75/$495
ImplantsNot Covered
Annual Deductible$0
Annual Maximum BenefitNo Maximum

Delta Dental Insurance Prices

Delta Dental insurance plan prices are the same no matter what age you are. While they have many plans to choose from that we have listed above, most are not available nationwide.

The Delta Dental PPO Basic plan is $19.92 a month.

The Delta Dental PPO Premium plan is $42.25 a month.

The Delta Care USA HMO plan is $12.50 a month.

Delta Dental PPO BasicDelta Dental PPO PremiumDeltaCare USA

Prices may change depending on your area.

Delta Dental Providers

Accessing a dentist provider in the network is required under the HMO plans, and recommended under the PPO plans for better rates.

Click here to look up Delta Dental dentists in your area.

Delta Dental Customer Reviews

Delta Dental has wide-ranging reviews for its insurance plans, with an above-average number of negative reviews.

Read sample reviews of Delta Dental insurance plans from real customers here.

Poor customer reviews is one of the reasons we do not recommend Delta Dental insurance.

Delta Dental For Seniors

Unfortunately, Delta Dental insurance plans do not come with vision or hearing insurance added in.

For many seniors on Medicare, getting a comprehensive dental, vision, and hearing plan is necessary to cover the gaps in Medicare.

If you are looking for comprehensive plans for the same price, Aetna is a much better choice and has dental, vision, and hearing plans starting at around $31/month.

Click here to read our full review of Aetna dental, vision, and hearing plans for seniors.


Overall, Delta Dental leaves much to be desired in its dental insurance products.

For only offering dental services, their prices are above-average, have poor customer reviews, and most plans do not cover orthodontics.

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