fbpx Foresters Burial & Life Insurance Review In 2024

Foresters Burial & Life Insurance Review In 2024

Foresters Life Review

Foresters Burial Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

Foresters Burial Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 5/5 Stars


Foresters offers very competitive monthly premiums with member benefits that are hard to beat.


Foresters Financial has been around since 1874 and is one of the top companies for many different types of financial products such as term life, universal life, burial life insurance, single premium whole life, traditional whole life, and annuities.

If you want sample quotes for their final expense burial life insurance product for seniors, fill out our quote form and see sample rates for Foresters. If you want quotes on their other products you will need to give us a call.

In this article we will go over their final expense product specifically for seniors and our recommendation.

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Financial Overview

Foresters has maintained an A.M. Best rating of A for the past few decades. They are a fraternal organizations that provides additional benefits to its members, and has an excellent track record of paying claims and policies.

Foresters Member Benefits

You become a Foresters member automatically by purchasing one of their life insurance products. Below are are all of the benefits for your family that you can take advantage of.

Academic Scholarships

Each year Foresters awards students with hundreds of thousands in scholarships. In 2020, 250 recipients were selected for scholarships, and these are only available to members.

Diabetes Discounts

Foresters offers discounted diabetes prescriptions through Accu-Check, which can help reduce costs for expensive medications.


Access to LawAssure helps you create powers of attorney, customizable wills, and other legal services.

Orphan Benefits & Scholarships

Scholarships for orphans of members are available for up to $6000 per year for up to four years. A monthly payment of up to $900 per month is also available to orphans of members in the event of their death.

Terminal Illness Loan

If you become terminally ill, you can use up to 75% of the face value of your life insurance policy to pay for expenses.

Foresters Burial Life Insurance Quote

Plan Right

Foresters final expense life insurance product is known as “Plan Right” which is for ages 50-85 and up to $35,000 in death benefit. There are no medical exams but there are some health questions that you will have to answer to determine your rate.

  • Death benefit is locked in
  • Premiums never increase
  • Coverage lasts for life
  • Immediate day one coverage

You can find sample quotes for this product by filling out the quote form, or you can find some sample rates below. Keep in mind if you have many serious health conditions you might have to pay more. It’s best to call us for accurate quotes if you are not in good health.

Below quotes are for $10,000 in death benefit.

Male Quotes

Female Quotes

Advantage Plus II

Advantage Plus is Foresters’ whole life product with up to $400,000 in death benefit. They have two options, one that is slightly cheaper and requires a medical exam, and one with no medical exam but is more expensive.

They have two premium options. One is paid up after 20 years, the other you pay until age 100.

If you are looking for a large whole life policy as a senior this product is for you. Keep in mind the prices goes up the more coverage in death benefit you buy.

Due to the complexity of this product, it is best to call us if you have questions about quotes or how much in coverage you want.

Foresters Final Expense Life Insurance Niches

Foresters is a great company for healthy people but also has a few niches for certain health conditions that they excel at. If you have one of the conditions below we highly recommend Foresters.

Just to name a few.

As you can see, Foresters takes many people with some pretty serious health conditions. For many of these conditions they won’t raise rates whatsoever.

Foresters Final Expense Burial Insurance Application

Foresters life insurance application is done online and with a quick interview with someone from Foresters. The applications takes 10-15 minutes in total.

Give us a call if you are interested in moving forward with Foresters. Our services are free and you pay nothing extra.

Forester Burial Life Insurance Review & Recommendation

We do not have any connection to Foresters in any way. They are just one of many different life insurance companies we use when comparing prices for seniors that do business with us. We do not care which company you go with.

With that being said, Foresters is an excellent final expense life insurance company for seniors that offers many different products and member benefits that other companies do not.

If you are looking at quotes, you will find Foresters in the top 3-5 in terms of price and many times if you have some serious health problems they may be one of the few companies to still insure you at affordable rates.

If you are interested in Foresters or just shopping for final expense life insurance please give us a call or fill out our quote form. We will go over all of the top companies and see which one offers you the best rate and the benefits of each company. We make the process fast and easy!

We look forward to hearing from you.