fbpx Foresters Life Insurance Review: One Of The Best In 2024

Foresters Life Insurance Review: One Of The Best In 2024

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Foresters Life Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

Foresters Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 5/5 Stars


Foresters Life Insurance has some of the lowest term rates possible, and great rates on other products like whole life.


Never heard of Foresters Life Insurance?

Don’t worry, they have been around since 1874 and have some great life insurance products.

This review will cover all of their life insurance products and whether they are worth it or not.

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Foresters Term Life Insurance

Foresters has two types of term life insurance available. One requires a medical exam and one does not.

Foresters Your Term

Foresters Your Term is their fully underwritten product, which means it requires a medical exam and documents from all of your physicians.

While this may sound like a hassle, you can find the lowest rates on the market for term life insurance this way. Foresters Your Term regularly beats out the competition and is a price buster.

We highly recommend this product if other term life insurance is too expensive.

Foresters Strong Foundation Term

Strong Foundation is Foresters simplified issue term life insurance product.

There is no medical exam for this policy and they are very lenient with health conditions, especially diabetes and complications from it.

Overall, this is a great product for younger folks who do not want to medical exam. It can be a bit pricy for older folks, especially 70+ compared to Your Term.

We recommend this product if you are young or middle-aged and need some term life insurance.

Foresters Whole Life

Foresters has a few different whole life options for all ages that are all very affordable.

Foresters Bright Future

Bright Future is Foresters whole life insurance plan for young kids. You can get a nice sized whole life policy on the young ones when the rates are good, and get those rates locked in for life!

Overall, this plan is great and has the option to do “limited pay” which means it is fully paid up after 10 or 20 years, so you don’t have to pay it their whole life.

Foresters Plan Right

Plan Right is Foresters final expense whole life or burial insurance product. It takes seniors with a wide variety of health issues such as COPD and other chronic issues.

The rates are also very low compared to the competition!

If you are a seniors looking for $10,000 – $35,000 in whole life insurance for the burial, this plan is for you.

Foresters Advantage Plus

Advantage Plus is a large whole life plan for amounts more than the Bright Future or Plan Right will allow.

If you need multiple hundreds of thousands in whole life insurance, this product is not only one of the richest in benefits but also lowest in price.

They also have two options for medical exam or non-medical exam. Keep in mind the non-medical exam option will be higher in monthly price.

Overall this is a great product if you need large amounts of whole life.

Foresters Universal Life

Foresters has one Universal life policy to choose from .

Foresters SMART Universal Life

SMART Universal Life is a great permanent life insurance policy that grows cash value.

Currently, at the writing of this article, Foresters SMART Universal Life has a non-guaranteed rate of return of 4.55%.

Combined with the low cost of the death benefit, this product is great for those who want to grow their cash value and wealth over time, especially for retirement or to pass on to future generations.

Foresters Fraternal Benefits

Foresters offers many fraternal benefits that many other life insurance companies do not – free of cost!

  • Charity Donation
  • Youth Scholarships
  • Orphan Scholarships
  • Volunteer donations
  • Customized Will
  • Interest Free Terminal Illness Loan

Just to name a few.

Keep these in mind when choosing a life insurance company!


Overall, there is a lot to love about Foresters Life Insurance.

They have been around for a very long time and have great member benefits.

We at Seniors Mutual work with Foresters and many other companies to find the best price and product for you.

If you are interested in Foresters and want to compare the competition, please fill out our quoter and we will be in touch!