fbpx Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Review: Costly In 2024

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Review: Costly In 2024

Harvard Pilgrim

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Review

Kelly Maxwell

Harvard Pilgrim
Editor’s Rating: 2/5 Stars


Harvard Pilgrim is a regional health insurance provider for Medicare supplements in the New England area. Their prices are above-average, costing you hundreds a year more than necessary. You are better off looking elsewhere.


Harvard Pilgrim is a well known health insurance company in the New England area.

However, their Medicare supplement policies are far above average for many plans and will cost many seniors more than what is necessary for their Medicare supplements needs.

This article will show sample rates and reviews for Harvard Pilgrim’s Medicare supplement plans in 2022.

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Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Coverage

All Medicare supplement plans cover the same thing. This means a Plan G through Harvard Pilgrim covers all of the same things as a Plan G from another company.

They only compete on price.

Here is an overview of what every Medicare supplement plan covers.

Medigap Plan Comparison Chart

Plans F, G, and N are the most popular plans currently.

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Plan Offerings

Harvard Pilgrim currently offers Medicare supplement plans A, F, G, M, & N in New Hampshire and Maine.

They also offer Medicare supplement plans in Massachusetts, but plans are under different names in Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts, they offer all three Medicare plans known as Core Plan, Supplement 1 Plan, and Supplement 1A Plan.

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement Plan Prices

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare supplement plans are overpriced. Below is a comparison of their prices compared to other companies like Aetna, Cigna, and Mutual Of Omaha. There may even be other companies cheaper than those mentioned.

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Keep in mind prices will vary depending on location.

Click here to read about their rates in NH.

Click here to read about their rates in ME.

Harvard Pilgrim Plan A Prices

AgeHarvard PilgrimAetnaMutual Of Omaha

Harvard Pilgrim Plan F Prices

AgeHarvard PilgrimAetnaCigna

Harvard Pilgrim Plan G Prices

AgeHarvard PilgrimAetnaCigna

Harvard Pilgrim Plan N Prices

AgeHarvard PilgrimAetnaCigna

As you can see, Harvard Pilgrim’s rates for Medicare supplements are above-average and will cost you hundreds more a year, especially later in life. Harvard Pilgrim prices for Medicare plans in Massachusetts are also above-average.

Overall, if you are in this service area, going with Aetna is almost always a better option.

Click here to read our review of Aetna Medicare supplements.


Overall, we don’t ever see a reason to go with Harvard Pilgrim for Medicare supplements. They are way over-priced, and don’t give any additional benefits compared to other companies that work in the area.

Even in Massachusetts with different plan offerings, Harvard Pilgrim will cost you hundreds more for your Medicare needs.

Luckily, we can find the best rates for you in any area. Seniors Mutual represents over 15+ different Medicare supplement companies and can shop the market for you for free.

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