fbpx Best Burial Insurance & Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85

Best Burial Insurance & Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85

Some people can have a hard time finding life insurance for a senior over the age of 85. That’s really because most companies will not insure you after the age of 85.

The good news is there are a few companies out there that offer coverage up to age 90.

In this article we are going to go over those companies and our best tips to save on your insurance for a senior over 85. If you just want quotes, fill out the quote form to get free quotes.

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Companies That Offer Coverage Over 85

There are only three companies that insure people over 85.

1) Aetna

Aetna is usually the best option for people over the age of 85. They have lenient underwriting and have a maximum coverage amount of $25,000.

Here are some sample non smoking rates for a female at $10,000 in coverage. You can also compare quotes on the quoter form.


2) Security National Life

Security National Life also offers life insurance coverage for seniors over age 85 all the way up to age 90. The only reason to work with them over Aetna is if you are 90, as Aetna only offers coverage up to age 89.

Security National Life’s underwriting is a little more strict and has a maximum coverage amount of $10,000.

You can expect to pay similar rates to Aetna.

3) Guarantee Trust Life

Guarantee Trust Life we reserved for last because they are a niche company for those that are not in the best health. Guarantee Trust Life accepts almost everyone as long as you don’t have cancer, are on 24 hr oxygen, receiving hospice care, and don’t have any defibrillators or amputations.

If you cannot get approved for coverage with the above two companies Guarantee Trust Life is your last option. They have a maximum coverage amount of $25,000.

Here are some sample non smoking rates for a female for $10,000. You can also compare quotes on our quoter.


How To Apply

We can help you get coverage with any of these companies, it only takes a few minutes to get you approved.

There is no medical exam on any of these policies, just a few health questions to see which company you qualify with and then some personal information like a mailing address.

Give us a call or fill out our quote form and we will be in touch shortly.

Other Options

If these costs are too expensive for you at this age, unfortunately there are no other insurance options. At this point your best option if not getting life insurance is to pre-pay for as much as you can at the funeral home.

You can also add a loved one to a bank account so that when you die, they have access to the funds.

You can also look into doing a cremation instead of a traditional funeral and burial to save money.

Tips To Save On Insurance

Our tips to save on insurance for seniors over 85 are the same for any age. You need to work with someone like Seniors Mutual to shop around and find the best rates for you.

Even at this age bracket, you may not qualify with all of the above companies. Aetna may deny you if you have serious health conditions, for example.

Working with an independent agency brokerage is the best way to save on your insurance.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a few thousand dollars of insurance is better than nothing at all. If $10,000 in coverage is too much, think about doing something smaller like $3,000-$5,000. Something like that would be better for your family than nothing at all, and it is guaranteed to go to them.

If you want quotes for different ages or coverage amounts, please fill out our quoter or just give us a quick call and we will go over all of your options and find the best rates, no matter where you live or how old you are.