fbpx Medicare Supplement Plan N: Still Good In 2024?

Medicare Supplement Plan N: Still Good In 2024?

Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare supplement Plan N is one of the most popular plans on the market and one of the most comprehensive.

So how does it stack up to the other Medicare plans?

This article will show you all need to know about Medicare supplement Plan N.

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What Does Plan N Cover?

Medicare Supplement Plan N Coverage

Medicare Plan N is a cheaper plan than the most comprehensive Medicare plans like Plan F and G.

Medicare Plan N covers your Part A coinsurance and hospital costs, Part B coinsurance, hospice, skilled nursing, and Part A deductible.

The only thing Medicare part N does not cover is your Part B deductible (doctor’s office) and Part B excess charges (when a doctor charges more than Medicare offers).

Overall, if you have Medicare supplement Plan N you will never have any hospital costs but you will have to pay the doctor’s deductible.

Compared to Medicare Plan G, Plan N is more affordable monthly, but also less comprehensive.

Plan N Monthly Premium

The monthly premium for Plan N will depend on your area, but here are average rates for Plan N that you can find on our quoter.

The average monthly premium for Medicare plan N for a male turning 65 is $80 a month.

The average monthly premium for Medicare plan N for a female turning 65 is $70 a month.


Medicare Plan N & Prescriptions

Medicare Plan N does not cover prescriptions. No supplement plan does. To get prescriptions covered you either have to be in a Medicare Advantage plan (separate from Medicare supplements) or buy a Medicare prescription drug plan.

Many prescription drug plans are $20 a month or less, so they are very affordable.

Is Medicare Plan N Worth It?

Plan N is a great plan for people who are nervous about the higher monthly payment of Plan G. Since it is a little less comprehensive the monthly payment is cheaper, however, keep in mind that is also does not cover quite as much.

The main difference between Plan N and Plan G is that it does not cover Part B excess charges, which can happen from time to time depending on the doctor or specialist you go to.

Can I Switch Medicare Supplement Plans Later?

You can switch from Medicare Plan N to a different Medicare supplement plan at any time. There is no special enrollment period for Medicare supplements.

However, you should know that when you first turn 65 you are guaranteed into any plan. Later on in life, you will be subject to medical underwriting, where they will check your medical records and prescriptions.

Some companies may deny you later in life if you have very serious health conditions. It is worth asking us if your health conditions will impact your ability to switch later in life and if you think you will develop anything serious before you want to switch.

Medicare Plan N Pros & Cons

The biggest pros of Medicare Plan N are that it covers most of your remaining medical expenses that Medicare will not. Most importantly, it covers all of your hospital expenses if you ever have to go. It is also more affordable than Medicare Plan G.

The biggest con to Medicare Plan N is that it does not quite cover everything. You will have excess charges that are billed to you if a specialist or primary care doctor bills over what Medicare will pay.


Medicare Plan N is one of the most popular plans on the market and is a great choice for those who are looking for a more affordable option.

We recommend Plan N if you are trying to keep your monthly payment low.

Not sure which to pick?

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