fbpx Mutual Of Omaha Dental Insurance Review: Best In 2024

Mutual Of Omaha Dental Insurance Review: Best In 2024

Mutual Of Omaha Insurance

Mutual Of Omaha Dental Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

Mutual Of Omaha Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 5/5 Stars


Mutual of Omaha has very low rates for dental insurance and an optional pay-for rider for vision as well. However, it does not include hearing.

✅ Very low rates❌ No hearing coverage
✅ Vision rider❌ Low maximum benefits
✅ No waiting period for preventative and basic services

Mutual Of Omaha has one of the best dental insurance plans on the market.

If you don’t need hearing as part of your plan then Mutual Of Omaha may be for you.

This article will show you all that Mutual Of Omaha has to offer for its dental insurance.

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Mutual Of Omaha Plan Types

Mutual Of Omaha has two dental plans with varying degrees of coverage. Both offer the optional vision rider at an additional charge.

Dental Protection

Dental Protection is the cheaper monthly premium plan that has slightly less coverage and a $100/year deductible.

Dental Preferred

Dental Preferred is Mutual Of Omaha’s more comprehensive coverage with lower deductibles and higher maximum benefits. It is, however, almost double the cost of Dental Protection. Dental Preferred comes with a $0 deductible for preventative and a $50 deductible for basic and major services.

Vision Rider

The vision rider is usually around an extra $8/month and provides a reimbursement of $50/year for an eye exam and up to $150 every two years (6-month waiting period) for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Below is a handy comparison between both dental plans.

ServiceDental PreferredDental Protection
Deductible$0 preventative; $50 for basic/major$100/year
Two cleanings/year100% (Insured pays nothing)100% (Insured pays nothing)
X-rays100% (Insured pays nothing)100% (Insured pays nothing)
Fillings80% (Insured pays 20%)50% (Insured pays 50%)
Extractions80% (Insured pays 20%)50% (Insured pays 50%)
Major (After 12-month waiting period)
Crowns50% (Insured pays 50%)50% (Insured pays 50%)
Dentures50% (Insured pays 50%)50% (Insured pays 50%)
Implants50% (Insured pays 50%)50% (Insured pays 50%)
Root Canals50% (Insured pays 50%)50% (Insured pays 50%)
Periodontics50% (Insured pays 50%)50% (Insured pays 50%)
Maximum Payout$1500/year$1000/year

The main difference between Dental Protection and Dental Preferred is one comes at a higher monthly payment and you pay nothing for preventative care.

The other is a lower monthly payment but you will have to pay a $100 yearly deductible before the plan pays for the rest of the preventative care.

Mutual Of Omaha Dental Insurance Prices

Mutual Of Omaha has some of the lowest prices available. Prices are all community-rated so you will not pay more based on your age. Everyone pays the same.

Dental PreferredDental ProtectionOptional Vision Rider

Mutual Of Omaha Dental In Network Dentists

Any provider can be utilized with Mutual Of Omaha’s dental plans, however, pricing will be slightly better in-network.

Click here to find or lookup dental providers near you in the network.

Mutual Of Omaha Dental Fee Schedule

Mutual of Omaha’s dental insurance uses the DenteMax Dental Plus dental network. While the in-network fee schedule varies from zipcode to zipcode, these are national averages.

ProcedureDenteMax Network Fee
Adult Cleaning$54
Child Cleaning$39
Routine Checkup$27
Composite Filling$87
Complete Denture$810
Root Canal$674
Extraction (Single Tooth)$85

What does this mean?

It means if your dentist charges more than these rates you will be billed the difference, in addition to any coinsurance that you are paying. For preventative care, since Mutual Of Omaha pays 100% after deductible, if your dentist charges more you can be on the hook for these charges.

If your dentist is in-network with Mutual of Omaha’s DenteMax dental network, you have nothing to worry about!


As an independent brokerage who sells many different dental insurance plans, Mutual Of Omaha’s is near the top.

The only other company that competes with Mutual Of Omaha’s dental plan is Aetna. Especially if you are looking for hearing coverage, Aetna will be superior.

Both are great options and which one is better will depend on what you want to be covered and the maximum benefit you want each year.

If you want to enroll or if you have any other questions please contact us or leave a comment below!

We look forward to hearing from you.