Mutual Of Omaha Indexed Universal Life Reviews (2023 Rates)

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What Is An Indexed Universal Life Policy From Mutual Of Omaha?

Indexed Universal Life is a permanent type of life insurance that grow in cash value based on an index, usually the S&P 500. In this way, you can get larger cash value growth over time than a traditional permanent policy like whole life.

Indexed Universal Life policies are also cheaper than whole life policies most of the time.

How much the indexed policy grow will depend on the index it is tied to.

Most of the time, Indexed policies have a floor of 0%, meaning you will never lose money or cash value, and a cap rate of a certain amount depending on the company and product.

Mutual Of Omaha Indexed Universal Life Products

Below are all of the Indexed Universal Life Policies Mutual of Omaha offers.

Income Advantage Indexed Universal Life

  • Ages: 0-85
  • Coverage Amount: $100,000 Minimum
  • Underwriting: Many classes for a variety of health cases
  • Medical Exam: Required

This product is the best product for strong cash value accumulation over time.

If you are young and want a large cash value to use as retirement income this product cannot be beat.

Life Protection Advantage Indexed Universal Life

  • Ages: 0-85
  • Coverage Amount: $100,000 Minimum
  • Underwriting: Many classes for a variety of health cases
  • Medical Exam: Required

The main difference between Life Protection and Income Advantage is this policy emphasizes affordable death benefit protection over cash value accumulation.

You will not get quite as much cash value growth, but it is close.

However, you will get a cheaper monthly premium for the amount of death benefit you are looking for.

If you are on a budget and care more about death benefit affordability, this product is for you.

Indexed Universal Life Express

  • Ages: 18-75
  • Coverage Amount: $25,000 – $300,000
  • Underwriting: Standard risks only
  • Medical Exam: None

Indexed Universal Life Express is a great option if you only need a small amount of coverage and want to skip the exam.

However, since there is no exam they do not accept all health issues, and it is harder to qualify to get this product.

If you are relatively healthy and only need $300,000 or less, this product may be a good fit.

Mutual Of Omaha Indexed Universal Life Interest Rates

The interest rates you are credited to the policy depends on the type of product and your participation rate.

For example, you can have higher participation rates but get lower interest rates, or lower particiption rates and get higher interest rates.

This is pretty standard for all indexed universal life companies.

Since interest rates change every month, it is impossible to put here what they are at the time of reading.

However, Mutual Of Omaha, on a full participation rate basis, has achieved an interest rate range of 5.6-9.7% since 2019.

That is hard to beat.

Is Indexed Universal Life Worth It?

Indexed Universal Life is much cheaper than traditional whole life if you are looking for a permanent policy.

And, if you are older and needing some type of term insurance for mortgage protection, the prices can be so high that indexed universal life insurance starts to become a better option.

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