fbpx Open Care Final Expense Life Insurance Review (2024 Rates)

Open Care Final Expense Life Insurance Review (2024 Rates)

Open Care Life Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

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Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


Open Care has above-average prices for their life insurance products and no additional benefits to warrant higher premiums. You should look elsewhere for a final expense life insurance policy. Compare prices among 15+ companies here.

✅ May offer both life and Medicare insurance❌ Limited options
❌ High prices
❌ Unknown which companies they work with

Have you seen an ad for Open Care and want to know more about their company and product? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to go over who is Open Care, what their product does, and how it stacks up to the competition.

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Who Is Open Care?

Open Care Seniors (Open Care) is an independent insurance agency that runs a lot of T.V. ads highlighting that everyone can get up to $25,000 in final expense life insurance.

They mainly sell final expense, but it seems they also provide some ancillary Medicare products as well.

What Companies Does Open Care Work With?

Open Care is an insurance agency, not an insurance company, meaning they sell insurance companies’ products. It is not clear who they work with, however.

Their T.V. ad does not say who they work with either.


Whole Life

Open Care offers up to $50,000 in coverage with no medical exam required, similar to almost every other final expense life insurance company.

They have two options to chose from…

1 – Guaranteed issue with no health questions but a 2 year waiting period

2 – Simplified issue with health questions but potential immediate coverage if you qualify

Both of these products are what they refer to as their “Open Care Senior Plan” on T.V.

Their guaranteed issue plan is just like every other guaranteed issue plan with a waiting period. Everyone is guaranteed an issued policy no matter their health.

Beware guaranteed issue if you can help it. 90% of people do not need to go with a guaranteed issue policy because they qualify for lower rates and no waiting period with other carriers.

Term Life

Open Care also has a term life insurance product for $25,000-$500,000 in coverage. The term on this policy can be 10, 20, or 30 years, and then it would expire and you would have no coverage.

For their term life insurance, you must qualify with health questions like the simplified issue final expense product. Not everyone qualifies.

Open Care Final Expense Plan Cost

If you have seen an ad saying you pay as low as $7.49, do not expect to pay this amount. This is just a marketing tactic.

Below are some of the rates that you can get from their website. Keep in mind that these rates are for males, non-smokers, $10,000 simplified issue whole life, and you will pay more if you do not qualify for the simplified issue plan, and have a waiting period.

AgeOpen CareMutual Of OmahaAetna

So how do these prices stack up?

Almost every single one of the companies we work with will give you better rates than Open Care. These companies include Mutual of Omaha, American Amicable, and Aetna, just to name a few.

Is Open Care Legitimate?

It seems to us that Open Care is a trustable insurance agency, even with higher prices than normal.

There is no way of knowing which companies Open Care works with, so we can’t know if they will be able to find you the best prices, especially if you have significant health issues or prescriptions.

If you’d like to see comparable prices, you can fill out our quoter to see how the companies we work with stack up. We do not care which company you pick, just that you find the best price for you.

Furthermore, if you have a health issue like COPD or you are a smoker, we will 100% be able to find better prices for you than Open Care. Everyone’s health is different.

If you want honest independent advice, give us a call or fill out our quoter and we will go through all of your coverage options and find the best prices for you. That is the benefit of working with an agency that has access to many different companies.