Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Review: Not Good In 2023

Physicians Mutual

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

Physicians Mutual
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Physicians Mutual dental insurance comes with an optional vision rider at additional cost. However, there is no vision coverage whatsoever. You can find better rates for more coverage elsewhere.

✅ 3 Different Plan Options❌ No Hearing Coverage
✅ Large Dental Network❌ Vision Coverage Costs Extra
✅ No Deductible❌ Flat Reimbursements Rates Not Percentage
❌ No Orthodontic Benefits

Physicians Mutual dental insurance lets you use any provider but has better rates for their very large network.

But are they the best option for you?

Most of the time no, but there are some instances when Physicians Mutual dental insurance makes sense.

This article show all the Physicians Mutual has to offer and sample rates.

If you want to enroll in a dental plan or compare your options among 15+ different carriers to find the best rates, contact us!

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Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Coverage

Physicians Mutual dental insurance covers the following dental services.

Preventative Care (Immediate Coverage)

  • Routine cleanings/exams
  • X-rays

Basic Care (3-Month Waiting Period)

  • Cavity fillings
  • Tooth extractions

Major Care (12-Month Waiting Period)

  • Root canals
  • Crowns
  • Dentures
  • Other surgeries

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Plans

Physicians Mutual has many different plan options. Here is an overview of each one and what it covers.

Physicians Mutual dental comes with a 3-month waiting period for basic services and a 12-month waiting period for major services.

All plans come with no deductible.

Preferred Plus

Preferred Plus is the most comprehensive and most expensive plan that pays out the most benefits.

Preferred Plus pays out a maximum of $159 for preventative care, $248 for basic care, and $1,145 for major care.

They do not pay percentages, instead, reimburse you for up to this maximum amount.

Standard Plus

Standard Plus is the middle ground of coverage. This has medium rates and medium coverage.

Standard Plus pays out a maximum of $135 for preventative care, $205 for basic care, and $929 for major care.

Economy Plus

Economy is the least expensive but also with the lowest reimbursement rates.

Economy Plus pays out a maximum of $112 for preventative care, $161 for basic care, and only $700 for major care.

ServicePreferred PlusStandard PlusEconomy Plus
Preventative Care$159$135$112
Basic (3 Month Waiting Period)$248$205$161
Major (12 Month Waiting Period)$1,145$929$700

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Prices

Prices for Physicians Mutual are not bad, however, you will need to pay more if you want the vision coverage.

They have multiple options for singles, spouses, and families. Children’s plans are for single parents, while family plans are for the whole family.

Prices may change slightly depending on your state and age.

PlanSingleSpouseChildrenAll Family
Preferred Plus$37/month$91/month$90/month$134/month
Standard Plus$30/month$74/month$73/month$108/month
Economy Plus$24/month$59/month$58/month$86/month

Vision Rider

Physicians Mutual comes with an optional vision rider at additional cost.

The monthly vision rider starts at around $7/month/person.

Eye Exams

  • $50/year/person

Vision Correction

  • $50/year/person first year
  • $100/year/person second year
  • $150/year/person third year

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance For Seniors

Many seniors in Medicare look for dental, vision, and hearing coverage because Medicare does not cover these benefits, with the exception of some Medicare Advantage plans.

Therefore, a comprehensive dental, vision hearing coverage plan is needed.

While Physicians Mutual dental insurance comes with an optional vision rider at additional cost, it does not come with hearing benefits, and the vision rider raises the price.

There are other companies like Aetna and Mutual Of Omaha that come with comprehensive coverage at a lower cost and more benefits.

Physicians Mutual Dental Providers

Physicians Mutual uses the Ameritas dental network, which is a vast network all across the country.

Click here to see which dentists in your area are in-network.


There are a few reasons why we don’t recommend Physicians Mutual in most cases.

First, their reimbursement rates are flat rates instead of percentage-based. This means for very expensive care that can be thousands of dollars, other companies will pay out more.

Second, Physicians Mutual does not come with any orthodontic benefits. If you have someone who might need orthodontic care, another company will be a better fit.

Third, Physicians Mutual does not offer any hearing coverage. Many other companies offer this coverage free of charge.

So there you have it.

If you want to compare 15+ of the top-rated companies please contact us. We are an independent brokerage so we can find the best rates and benefits for you.

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