Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement 2023: An Honest Look

Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement

Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement Review

Kelly Maxwell

Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement
Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


Physicians Mutual has higher prices than you need to pay for your Medicare supplement insurance. However, they have a very unique Plan G product.

✅ Plan F & G Innovative Product❌ Higher premiums
❌ Few product offerings (Only plan A, F & G)
❌ High rate increases

Physicians Mutual has many different health products, but how does their Medicare supplement stack up to the competition?

This article will show you sample rates for all of their different Medicare supplement products and our recommendation for Physicians Mutual.

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Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement Plans

Currently, Physicians Mutual offers Plan A, F, & G.

  • Plan A
  • Plan F
  • Plan F Innovative
  • Plan G
  • Plan G Innovative

Two of their products are unique to Physicians Mutual, called Plan F & G Innovative.

Physicians Mutual Plan F Innovative

Plan F Innovative works by making you pay a $2,490 deductible for the first three years, after which the deductible goes away.

After the first three years, their Plan F Innovative is the same as any other Plan F. This can result in some cost savings at times.

Physicians Mutual Plan G Innovative

While most Plan Gs cover most of the remaining healthcare expenses Medicare does not, Plan G Innovative has a deductible of $2,490 that you are on the hook for only in the first three years.

After three years is up, the deductible is gone and is the same as a normal Plan G. Physicians Mutual did this to offer a lower-priced plan than your typical Plan G with some cost-sharing deductibles for the first few years.


Below are sample prices from Physicians Mutual in comparison to a competitor. These prices are for a 65-year-old male in Dallas and will vary depending on location.

PlanPhysicians MutualProsperityAetna
Plan A$149$120$133
Plan F$178$134$177
Plan F Innovative$141
Plan G$135$121
Plan G Innovative$107

Since all Medicare supplement plans are standardized, they all cover the same thing and there is no difference in quality between insurance carriers. They only compete on price.

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Physicians Mutual Medicare Supplement Rate Increase History

Rate increase history is important to look at for those shopping for Medicare supplements as it will tell you how much you can expect to pay in the future. Medicare supplement rates are not locked in like life insurance.

Unfortunately, Physicians Mutual has a history of high rate increases higher than their competitors.

Below is a chart of Physicians Mutual Medicare supplement rate increases.

AgePlan APlan FPlan F InnovativePlan GPlan G Innovative


We don’t recommend Physicians Mutual as their prices are a bit higher than what you can find elsewhere and there is no difference in quality between different companies.

While Physicians Mutual has many great products, we recommend looking elsewhere for your Medicare supplement needs.

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