fbpx 5 Facts You Need To Know About Silver Sneakers Medicare 2024

Silver Sneakers Medicare Program In 2024

The Silver Sneakers Medicare fitness program is only very attractive to many seniors who use Medicare, but also to many Medicare supplemental insurance companies.

Many insurance companies know they are reducing risk by partnering with this Medicare program, which will reduce their costs in the long run.

In this article we are going to go over which plans include this program, how much you can save, and how to get enrolled.

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Silver Sneakers Overview

Silver sneakers is a free fitness program for beneficiaries of Medicare. Medicare partners with gyms all over the country to offer this program. If the gym is one of those partners, you can access the gym completely free.

Many of the most well known gym chains are such partners so odds are you can go down to your local gym chain and use your Silver Sneaker membership.

Silver Sneakers even has local programs that take place in parks, churches, community centers, or online if you don’t want to go to the local gym.

You can find which gyms accept Silver Sneakers here.

Does Medicare Cover Silver Sneakers?

The original Medicare Part A and B that everyone gets do not cover Silver Sneaker membership. To get free access to this program, you either have to be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan that offers the membership.

The Silver Sneakers program is not offered with every insurance company however. Whether or not they include Silver Sneakers depends on the certain type of plan you are enrolled in and which state you live in.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies have stopped offering this program in certain states.

Which Insurance Plans Offer Silver Sneakers?

Several companies offer some plans that include the Silver Sneakers program. Keep in mind, most of the plans that come with a Silver Sneakers membership are the Medicare Advantage plans, with the supplemental coverage offering the program is more rare.

Below are some of the companies that offer plans with a Silver Sneakers membership in them.

  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Humana
  • United Healthcare

Keep in mind not all of these companies offer this program in every state.

Healthcare Needs

It is important to note that while some types of plans offer the Silver Sneakers program, that is subject to change at any time. For example, you could be in a plan that offer the Silver Sneakers program and upon renewal of the plan the insurance company cancels all Silver Sneakers offerings.

You should never decide on a company just because it gives you the Silver Sneakers program, rather on what your healthcare needs are. Your healthcare needs are much more important than the program, and the program is not guaranteed every year upon renewal.

With that being said, it is pretty rare that an insurance company cancels this program in your state, as it is very popular and they want your business 🙂

Pick The Best Plan Available

We offer many of the companies that offer the Silver Sneaker program, and help seniors choose which plan is right for them every day.

Since we are an independent agency, we can look through all of your options so you get the best deal available.

This might be a Medicare Advantage plan, or it might be a Medicare Supplemental plan.

In the end, the decision to which plan is best is up to you, but we will go through all of your coverage options to help you find the best one.

If you are interested in enrolling in a Medicare plan with or without the Silver Sneakers program, give us a call, fill out our quoter or chat with a live agent and we will help you every step of the way.