fbpx Top 10 Fixed Index Annuity Companies In 2024

Top 10 Fixed Index Annuity Companies In 2024

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There are many top tier fixed indexed annuity companies and rates change every year.

However, these are out independent top picks for fixed indexed annuities in the current market for different types of strategies.

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Table Of Contents

  • National Life Group – Best For Highest Growth
  • Sentinel Security – Best Premium Bonus With Cap Rate
  • American Equity – Best For Lifetime Purchases
  • Allianz – Best For Immediate Lifetime Income
  • Sentinel Security – Best For Growth Under 10 Years
  • Athene – Best For Alternative Index Strategies

National Life Group (Life Insurance Company of the Southwest) – Best For Highest Growth

National Life Group, also known as Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, depending on the state, has the highest interest cap rates point to point to the S&P500 at the time of writing this article at 16%.

With a 0% floor, this makes a long term average of around 9.87%, making this product the best for long term growth if you are wanting to use the S&P500 as your index strategy.

This is a single premium product, so you most of the time this is a rollover from a retirement account, instead of making payments over time.

Sentinel Security – Best Premium Bonus With Cap Rate

Sentinel ecurity has a solid premium bonus of 10% on your initial premium, getting your retirement an early boost to your growth potential.

While the 10% is nothing huge, they aalso have very high cap rates for a fixed indexed product with a premium bonus, right now of 12.25%.

Most fixed indexed products with a premium bonus will give yuo much lower cap rates than products without them.

The long term average right now for this product with Sentinel Security with the premium bonus is 8.08%.

American Equity – Best For Lifetime Purchases

Most annuity companies do not allow for lifetime purchases, adding more money to an annuity over time.

However, American Equity allows for lifetime purchasing, making this a great product for younger folks or those whoo want to put more money into an annuity over many years.

On top of that, they also have very nice S&P 500 interest cap rates of 10.5% or a participation rate of 60%, both give 7.15% and 8.01% respectively long term.

Setting aside money each month to put into this American Equity fixed indexed annuity would give someone a very smooth ride and high growth potential to retirement.

Allianz – Best For Immediate Lifetime Income

Many fixed indexed annuities offer what’s called an income rider, or annuitization of the accumulation value.

For these products Allianz has one of, if not the best products on the market.

If you run a report of the top 25 companies for immediate income annuities, Allianz is always in the top 3, and many times number 1.

Try this out if you want immediate income instead of looking for growth.

Sentinel Security – Best For Growth Under 10 Years

Sentinel Security is back on the list for fixed growth for under 10 years.

If you are looking for guaranteed income one day in the next 10 years or sooner, look no further than Sentinel Security.

You get a generous 15% premium bonus to supercharge growth, and then a fixed guaranteed 7.25% interest every year for up to 10 years.

This will make your money double in just 8 years!

If you are approaching retirement within 10 years this product is hard to beat.

American Equity – Best For Growth Under 20 Years

If you need growth for more than 10 years, American Equity has the best product on the market.

While most fixed indexed annuity companies only offer interest growth for up to 10 years, American Equity gives you a solid 10% premium bonus followed by a fixed 6.5% interest up to 20 years!

They also will double payments to you up to 5 years if you become disabled or need long term care.

This product is great for those who are looking for growth for longer than 10 years.

Athene – Best For Alternative Index Strategies

While most people who buy fixed indexed annuities do so to invest in the S&P500, there are many other indexes that are available.

When it comes to other indexing strategies, Athene currently has the best track record.

Athene haas some alternative indexes called UBS Innovative and AI Powered Global Opportunities that have been generating north of 20% and sometimes even 30% in the past few decades.

In fact, one of their indexes’ best year it returned 48%!

While past performance does not guarantee future results, Athene’s alternative indexing strategies seem to be number 1.


While their is no BEST fixed indexed annuity, we hope these give you a good idea of some of the market leaders.

We work with 25+ annuity companies to offer everyone the best options.

If you want to learn more, apply for an annuity, or just see your options in your state, fill out our quote form and we will send you an email with your best options.

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