Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Review in 2023

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Review

Kelly Maxwell

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement
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Blue Cross Blue Shield has high monthly premiums for standard benefits. You’re better off looking elsewhere to save money.

✅ Well known & trusted company by some❌ High monthly premiums
✅ Operates in all 50 states

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a well-known health insurance company operating in all 50 states for its Medicare supplement plans. It is a subsidiary of Anthem.

This article will go over which plans Blue Cross Blue Shield offers, what their prices are, and what we recommend if you are looking for a Medicare supplement policy.

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State Availability

Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the few companies that offer Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans in all 50 states.

Medicare Supplement Plan Options

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a wide variety of supplement plans. Plans A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, and N are all offered. While these are subject to the state and area that you live in, they have a good amount of choice.

Note, plan C and F are not available for new enrollees to Medicare any longer.

Here is a helpful chart showing the difference in plans and what they cover that original Medicare does not.

Medigap Plan Details

Blue Cross Blue Shield Prices

Blue Cross Blue Shield is not cheap. Here is a chart showing their prices in comparison to other comparable companies. Prices will change depending on your area.

If you want to compare all of the top companies in your area, fill out our online quote form to see them for free.

PlanBCBSComparable Company

As you can see, Blue Cross Blue Shield is not cheap.


All Medicare supplement plans are standardized. This means you get the same healthcare benefits no matter which company you go with. All they compete with is on the monthly price.

Since Blue Cross Blue Shield is 30% higher than other insurance companies’ same Medicare supplement plans with the same benefits we recommend shopping around and not selecting a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy.