fbpx How To Get Burial Insurance After Amputation [Free Quotes]

How To Get Approved For Burial Insurance With An Amputation

The truth is, getting qualified and approved for a burial insurance policy with an amputation, even from diabetes or disease, is much easier than it seems!

There are many carriers that will offer you level immediate coverage even with an amputation from diabetes. If you’ve been told otherwise you’re just not looking in the right places. Fortunately for you, we offer the carriers in the industry that will insure you at no additional cost.

How Insurance Companies View Amputations

Burial insurance companies view amputations in basically two ways.

First, an amputation that is from an accident.


An amputation due to diabetes or disease.

If your amputation was from an accident, you can rest easy knowing almost every company is going to give you level immediate coverage at the lowest cost possible. They don’t care about amputations due to accidents!

However, if your amputation was due to disease or diabetes, your options narrow considerably.

There are a few carriers out there that will still offer you level immediate coverage for an amputation due to diabetes or a disease, but it depends on a few factors…

Get Approved With An Amputation Due To Diabetes Or Disease

The few carriers that will offer good rates and immediate coverage for an amputation due to diabetes or disease will only due so if the amputation was over 2 years ago.

But that’s not all.

They will also ask if you are confined to a wheelchair or not. If you are confined to a wheelchair they will not offer coverage. If you use a wheelchair but are not confined, you are god to go.

They will also ask if you are taking insulin, and at what age. This is not usually a problem, but can be an issue for some people, especially if they started taking insulin at a very young age, like as a child.

If you are still okay with these health conditions, then we will have no problem getting you approved quickly for burial insurance with your amputation. In fact, they won’t charge you any higher premium because of you amputation on top of that!


If you had a recent amputation, your only option at the point is a guaranteed issue, no health questions policy. Luckily these are still very affordable.

Unfortunately, recent amputations make everyone undergo a two year waiting period on their policy, wherein they will only pay out what you’ve paid in with 5-10% interest if you die within the first two years. This is unavoidable if you had a recent amputation no matter what.

We suggest if you had a recent amputation to get the cheapest guaranteed issue policy possible and start eating away at that waiting period.

We offer all of the top carriers for you, regardless of when your amputation was and we can find you cheap coverage no matter when it did occur. Just be prepared to undergo that waiting period if it was recent.

Get Approved For Coverage In Minutes

Unfortunately, most insurance agents you talk to will only represent one company. This is very bad for people that have amputations, since there are only a couple carriers out there that will insure you, and it probably isn’t the one you’ve talked to.

To secure affordable coverage, preferably with no waiting period, you need to work with an agency that represents multiple carriers to find you the best deal.

Even with an amputation, there are multiple carriers out there competing for your business!

Don’t go with a carrier that’s going to slap you with a waiting period or charge you more if you don’t have to.

We at Seniors Mutual offer all of the top companies in your state, and will look at all of you options to find the best match for you! No matter your health conditions or age.

This doesn’t mean we can find 30k in coverage for someone 83 for only $15 a month!

It does mean we will find the best option out there for you, and give it to you in an unbiased way.

So give us a call or fill out our quote form to let us know you are interested and we will be in touch to give you a no obligation quote and answer all of your questions free of charge!