fbpx Burial Insurance For Cigar Smokers [Non-Smoker Rates]

Burial Insurance For Cigar Smokers – Get Non-Smoker Rates!

YES, you can get non-smoker rates as a cigar smoker. Many burial companies classify cigar use as non-tobacco, which can save you quite a bit of money each month.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to get non-smoker rates for burial insurance and find you the best rate!

Burial Insurance Tobacco Definitions

As you probably know, many burial insurance companies will penalize you if you use tobacco or nicotine. However, each insurance company is different when it comes to how they define tobacco use.

Many companies categorize you as a smoker and will only give smoker rates for any type of tobacco or nicotine use in the last 12 months. If you used to smoke, but it has been over 12 months (ie., 10 years ago) then you will qualify as a non-smoker.

However, if you currently use cigars there are companies out there that will only ask about cigarette or other specific types of nicotine use.

If you are a cigar smoker, these companies are willing to give you non-smoker rates!

So how do you find the companies that are willing to offer you rock bottom rates?

Find the Best Burial Insurance Companies As A Cigar Smoker

Quite simply, the best and fastest way to find a burial insurance company that offers you non-smoker rates as a cigar smoker is to talk to an agent by filling out our quote form or calling us today.

There are a few companies that will offer you non-smoker rates but picking the best one that offers you the lowest rate will depend on your age and other health conditions.

Since we are an independent agency, we will find the company that offers you the lowest rate and help you in sending in your application at no cost today!

So what are the best companies for cigar smokers? Below are a list of the best insurance carriers to give you non-smoker rates for cigar use.

1. American Amicable

American Amicable has been in business since 1910 and have had a superb financial rating of A+ with the BBB. They are unique because they offer two FREE additional riders, the Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider, and Accelerated Benefit Confined Care Rider.

The Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider allows you to receive up to 100% of the benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness that is expected to result in death within 12 months.

The Accelerated Benefit Confined Care Rider allows you to receive up to 5% of the benefit amount each month if you are confined to a nursing home. This aids you in paying the expensive nursing home bills if that ever occurs.

Most insurance companies will not offer these riders for free!

2. Americo

Americo is another company very favorable to cigar smokers. They don’t care how many cigars you smoke, even multiple a day! They also have a superb A+ rating with BBB, and come with a free Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider, however unlike American Amicable, they will only pay up to 50% of your death benefit.

Also, they do not offer the free Accelerated Benefit Confined Care Rider.


Overall, you cannot go wrong with either company, as they have both been in the business for a long time and offer great rates for cigar smokers. If you don’t have any other major health issues they will offer you the best rates in the business.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out and we will assist you with a no obligation quote from any carrier!