fbpx Burial Insurance With Asthma [Instant Approval In Minutes]

Burial Insurance For People With Asthma – Approved In Minutes!

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How Easy It To Get Approved With Asthma?

The good news is, most insurance carriers do not ask about asthma whatsoever. You will get qualified for immediate coverage with no waiting period at rock bottom rates.

So what’s the catch?

The only consideration you should have if you have asthma is if you have other medical conditions associated with your asthma, like COPD, smoke, or have other lung or breathing issues.

The bottom line is asthma does not effect your health whatsoever, but many people with asthma have other health problems that can cause issues. If asthma is your only serious medical condition, then you should give us a call or fill out our quote form to see instant prices and get qualified for the best coverage available.

Every insurance company will ask you questions about your health and check medication and medical history. If you have other health conditions other than asthma, you will need to speak with us so we can see what we can qualify you for.

Smoker With Asthma

The reality is, a lot of people who smoke develop asthma at some point. If you are a smoker worried about paying for burial insurance, don’t worry! There are a few companies that still offer affordable smoker rates, and specialize in doing so.

In fact, we have worked with many customers who smoke that are happily surprised at how affordable these companies are for smoker rates!

Again, no company will ask you about asthma. Even if you smoke you can still get day one coverage with no waiting period.

Medications With Asthma

While no company will ask you about asthma, sometimes people think they have asthma when they really have something more serious, like COPD. In the end, what the insurance company will care about is the medication you take to treat your breathing issues.

While we could give you a long list of the medications that are okay and not okay with most insurance companies, these medications are always changing, and could make the list out of date.

The only way to know for sure if you are qualified for immediate coverage is to speak with a licensed independent agent here at Seniors Mutual, especially if you have other health issues.

Get Approved In Minutes

Since Seniors Mutual has access to so many companies, almost every one of our clients qualifies for level immediate coverage with now waiting period, at rock bottom rates!

This is not the case if you work with an agent that only works for one company.

The other reason to work with Seniors Mutual is because we specialize in making the process simple and efficient. No need to take weeks or long interviews with the insurance company.

We help clients every day get approved for final expense life insurance in minutes! Sometimes all it takes is a quick voice recording.

In the end, no matter who you choose, make sure you work with an independent agency. That is the only way you’ll know you are getting the best deal out there for you.

To talk with an expert, fill out our quote form or give us a quick call, no obligation! We will go over your current health to see what we can get you approved for and what the best deal is for you.