fbpx Burial Insurance For Cancer Patients (Compare Rates & Save)

Burial Insurance For Cancer Patients (Compare Rates & Save)

Every year 1.8 million people are diagnosed with some form of cancer, and 600,000 will die from the disease. You never know when your number is going to come up. Make sure to get approved for a burial policy today, even with current cancer!

Fill out the quote form and select “guaranteed issue” or give us a call to get approved today.

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Options For Final Expense Burial Life Insurance With Cancer

The truth is, your options for buying final expense life insurance with cancer are better than they seem, and you can get coverage!

The way every burial insurance company will look at cancer is how long you have had the cancer, and if you beat it, how long you have been in remission.


If you had cancer and beat it, congratulations! Cancer is a tough disease, and beating it is not always easy. The key to getting burial insurance if you are remissions will depend on how long you have been in remission for.

If you have been remission for over two years, the good news is many carriers will offer you level immediate coverage at no additional cost. You can get coverage for the same cost as someone who has never had cancer!

If you have recently gone into remission, your options narrow.

If you’ve been in remission for between one and two years, you can still get coverage with one company that will offer affordable rates.

Anything under one year in remission of cancer you will have to go with a guaranteed issue carrier, which offer no health questions asked plans! We will go into more detail in the next section.

Current Cancer (Guaranteed Issue)

If you currently have cancer or it’s been less than one year since you’ve been in remission, a guaranteed issue policy is your only option. They ask no health questions and approvals are guaranteed in a matter of minutes!

So what’s the catch?

If you die within the first two years of a guaranteed issue policy, the company will only pay out what you’ve paid in with 5-10% interest, depending on the company. While this is a deal-breaker for many people we must ask, where else can you put your money to get 5-10% interest these days? Hardly any.

So for everyone who has current cancer or was recently in remission, we recommend moving forward with a guaranteed policy. Even if you don’t last the full two years, your loved ones will still get more than what they would get if you didn’t have this policy.

Multiple Occurrences Of Cancer

If you’ve had multiple occurrences of cancer the game also changes. There is one company (literally only 1) that will accept you if you have had a recurrence of your cancer. But they will only accept you if it has been two years since you’ve been in remission since that last occurrence.

Types Of Cancer

Interestingly enough, burial insurance carriers do not care about certain types of cancer. Basal cell and squamous cell are both types of skin cancer that are pretty common and not life threatening, and are okay with many insurance companies. If you have one of these, are another type of benign skin cancer, you are probably okay!

Again, even if you had these types of cancer, but they were taken care of over two years ago, you ahve nothing to worry about.

Cancer Preventative Medication

If you are taking cancer preventatives in some way, this may matter to the insurance company. For many types of cancer preventatives, the rules are completely thrown out the window.

This means a company that may have accepted you and offered your rock bottom rates for immediate coverage might not decline you after a prescription check.

The list of cancer medications and what they mean to each individual company out there is so long that it would never fit all on this page, so we will spare you the long boring list. The only way to know if you can get level coverage (and don’t need to go with a guaranteed issue policy) is to give us a call or fill out the quote form so we can go over your medications.

Certain medications are not taken by certain carriers, and this is always changing. We will need to have a quick conversation to know what you are taking so we can give you a full range of options and find the best rate for you.

Best Burial Insurance For Cancer Patients

In the end, no matter your unique circumstances with cancer, we are experts in finding the best coverage for you to protect your family.

The good news is there is still a lot of competition out there for your business, even among the guaranteed issue carriers. This means we can shop the market for you and offer you the best rate.

Don’t know who to go with? Don’t know all of your options?

We represent all of the top carriers that will insure you with current cancer or if you were remission for many decades.

Seniors Mutual is an independent agency, so we don’t have any bias when it comes to which company you go with. Give us a quick call or fill out our quote form to find the best company for you and the best rate!