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Burial Insurance With Congestive Heart Failure/Cardiomyopathy: Get Approved Today

Can I Still Get Burial Insurance At Affordable Rates With Congestive Heart Failure?

The answer is a resounding yes, and it is actually quite easy! There are burial insurance companies out there that for one don’t even ask about congestive heart failure, and two won’t charge you any more in premium each month!

Read on the see how you can qualify for coverage for burial insurance without paying extra.

What Can I Qualify For?

Many people with Congestive Heart Failure think they have to go with a guaranteed issue carrier that asks no health questions. This may be due to being denied on a previous carrier application or other types of misinformation.

The truth is you don’t have to go through a guaranteed issue carrier with Congestive Heart Failure! And we don’t recommend it either.

There are a couple well respected burial insurance companies out there that will not ask you at all about this high risk health condition, but this comes with a catch.

Everyone with Congestive Heart Failure that does not go to a guaranteed issue carrier is subject to a graded pay out policy.

Graded policies are a little different for each carrier, but they basically work like this.

The first year, your beneficiary gets a small portion of the total benefit if you pass away. The second year, they get a much larger portion.

After two years they would get full benefits if you pass away.

This is far superior to the full two year waiting period that guaranteed issue carriers will give you, and it is way cheaper!

Your Options With CHF

The reality is, most every company out there will deny you coverage all together if you have CHF. The few that will take you however specialize in insuring people with this condition!

So here are your options:

Give us a call and we will go over with you all of your health information and see which company offers you the best rate. We’ve helped plenty of people with CHF and have never heard a single complaint about the job done.

Unfortunately, since there are only a few options out there for us to look at, our hands are a little tied because the competition is so low among insurance carriers.

That being said, we will look through the select companies and find you the one that will save you the most money long term.

Conditions To Watch Out For With CHF

There are a few red flags to the remaining insurance carriers when it comes to CHF. One the biggest ones is any implanted defibrillators in the past 2 years.

Many people, but not all, have implanted defibrillators due to their CHF. If you are one of these people that have had one implanted in the last two years, your only option at that point is with a guaranteed issue carrier that asks no health questions but does have a mandatory two year waiting period on all policies. If you die in that two years they would only pay to your beneficiary 110% of your premiums.

However, if you have a defibrillator but it was installed over two years ago, you are in the clear and have nothing to worry about!

Other more uncommon things to watch for if you have CHF is taking 24 hour oxygen within the last two years or being confined to a bed or nursing home or hospital. All of those conditions will force you to go with a guaranteed issue carrier as well.

Not Sure If You Have CHF

Occasionally people are not sure if they have CHF or not, and that’s ok! Burial insurance companies will look at your prescription and medical records to ultimately determine if you have CHF, and we are experts in determining if you have this condition or not.

To know whether or not you have this high risk condition, all we need to do is go over all of your prescription medications (specifically the ones for your heart) and medical history. It only takes a few minutes!

Since each company looks at prescriptions differently, let us help you decide which course of action you need to take.

We have had clients that thought they had CHF but actually were qualified for immediate day one coverage!

Apply For Burial Insurance With CHF

Many people have trouble qualifying for coverage with CHF, but not with us! Since we offer a wide variety of companies, we can find the ones that will insure you 100%. There is no need to wonder or have second thoughts, we insure people with this condition all the time!

In fact, there is no cost to send in your application today and lock in your burial insurance rates.

The companies that allow this condition will take a few days to look over your health and medical history, then approve your policy and mail you the appropriate documents. All free of charge!

Furthermore, if you receive social security, that first payment can be synced with the day of each month that you receive social security, so you never have to worry about missing a payment.

In the end, we are experts in helping people find coverage with CHF, and hope you give us a call or fill out the quote form on the right today so we can give you peace of mind at the lowest cost available!