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Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity Rates (2024 Update)

Below are the current Multi Year Guaranteed Annuity Rates. MYGA rates change very month, so it’s important to get high rates as soon as possible if they are trending down. To apply with any company give us a call at 469-290-8975. What Are Multi Year Guaranteed Annuities? MYGAs are fixed interest rate annuities for a…
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Immediate Annuity Income Calculator (2024 Rates)

Wether you are looking for how much an annuity will pay per month, or what kind of returns you will get on a deferred income annuity, this Immediate Annuity Income Calculator will show you the current rates for the top 15+ companies. Table Of Contents How Much Does A $100,000 Annuity Pay Monthly? A $100,000…
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Best Annuities For Seniors

Top 3 Best Annuities For Seniors In 2024

Many seniors today are worried about their savings and how much Social Security will pay out. The truth is an increasing amount of seniors are being squeezed by rising inflation and market volatility. Annuities can play a big part of a seniors retirement plan, but how do you know which one to get or which…
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Can You 1035 Exchange From Life Insurance To An Annuity? – All You Need To Know

What is a 1035 exchange? How do they work? 1035 exchanges can get complicated. In this guide we will answer common questions about the 1035 exchange and how you can utilize it to have guaranteed income for life and how the 1035 exchange relates to annuities and life insurance. Table Of Contents What Is A…
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