fbpx Burial Insurance With Multiple Sclerosis [Instant Approval]

Get Cheap Burial Insurance With Multiple Sclerosis (MS) With Instant Approval!

First of all, there are quite a few carriers that will offer level immediate day one coverage to people who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Anyone that has told you you cannot get immediate coverage or cheap low rates for having MS is not using the right carriers, or even only one carrier!

That’s a shame.

How Do I know If I Have Multiple Sclerosis?

Some people don’t really think they have MS, and that may be true.

In the end, it only matter what the insurance company categorizes you as, because they are the one that’s going to pay out to your beneficiary.

Every burial insurance company that asks you health questions will undergo a prescription and medical history check to see if you have any serious health issues like MS.

If you have been diagnosed by a health care professional as having MS, they will think you have MS, no matter what you say.

If they look at your prescriptions and see certain medications for MS, they will categorize you as an MS insured, no matter what you say.

So if you have been formally diagnosed with this condition, there is no way around it unfortunately. Luckily, some carriers won’t even ask about MS.

How do I Qualify For Immediate Burial Insurance With MS?

The answer is the same as people without MS!

Multiple Sclerosis does not disqualify you from coverage. In fact, some insurance carriers do not even ask about MS whatsoever!

These carriers are our first go to when it comes to people with MS. This is because their application does not even ask about the health condition. Now what if you have other serious health conditions?

If you have some other type of serious health condition, then you might move to a graded policy that has only partial benefits your first two years. That is no good.

At this point there are a few carriers that will still offer you level immediate day one coverage if you haven’t been diagnosed or treated for MS in the past 2 or 3 years, depending on the insurance carrier.

this is especially helpful for people who have very mild MS and do not take medication. Odds are you were diagnosed with MS many years ago, and still qualify for rock bottom rates.

In fact, we at Seniors Mutual have very rarely not been able to offer level immediate day one coverage to people with MS, and this is always due to another serious disease like Congestive Heart Failure or recent cancer.

Alas, you should rest easy knowing you will qualify for cheap burial insurance even with MS.

What If I Have A Recent Diagnosis?

Again, even if you have a recent diagnosis or treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, there are a few companies that don’t ask about MS at all. If you still can’t qualify for immediate day one coverage with them then you will need to go for a graded policy.

Here is the rundown on how graded policies work…

Graded policies will only pay partial benefits the first two years you start on the policy.

The first year they will pay something like 30% benefits if you die.

The second year is something like 70% benefits.

These policies are still superior to guaranteed issue policies that ask no health questions!!!

They are cheaper and pay more in benefits faster.

That being said, there are many more companies out there that will offer graded coverage to people with MS, and the competition is fierce so you will get something very affordable.

No Health Questions Coverage With MS

If you want a guaranteed issue policy with no health questions asked when you have Multiple Sclerosis then that is no problem at all. In fact these policies only take 10-15 minutes to sign and complete!

The only drawback to no health questions asked policies is that they all come with a two year waiting period, where they will only pay back what you’ve paid in with 5-10% interest.

While it’s hard to make 5-10% interest anywhere else nowadays, these should still be a last resort for most people, unless you really don’t want to go through the hassle of the health questions.

Now, if you really don’t like to answer the health questions by the insurance company, we can help you find the lowest rates among all guaranteed issue burial insurance!

In fact, we offer every single company that has guaranteed issue burial insurance.

If you give us a call today or fill out the quote form we will be in touch as soon as possible to go over all of your options and which company is the best for you.

Seniors Mutual Difference

Unfortunately, many in the life insurance industry still do business and only offer one insurance company.

Not us!

Since we offer all of the top carriers in every state, we can shop FOR YOU.

That means we will find the best carriers for you if you have MS and get you the best rates and coverage.

If you are having problems getting qualified because you have MS, give us a call and rest easy knowing that we will get you taken care of in just a matter of minutes!

We are experts in insuring people of all types of health issues, especially MS.

Give us a call today or fill out the quote form and we will answer all of your questions and tell you everything you need to know about getting burial insurance with MS.