fbpx Immediate Burial Insurance With Neuropathy [Free Quotes]

How To Find Cheap Burial Insurance With Neuropathy

Finding cheap burial life insurance with neuropathy can be difficult if you are not working with an independent agency that will shop for you. Almost every company out there will either decline you or raise your premiums that you pay every month, but not all!

We offer companies that specialize in insuring people with complications of diabetes, like neuropathy, and won’t raise your premiums one cent!

In this article we are going to go over your options, what to expect, and why companies view this condition unfavorably.

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Types Of Neuropathy

Some people are not sure if they have neuropathy. If you have not been diagnosed, but have tingling in your hands, feet, or legs, you are probably on medication for neuropathy and the insurance company will declare you as having that diagnosis.

That being said, not all types of neuropathy are created equal. People develop neuropathy for all sorts of reason, especially in old age.

The key distinction is if your neuropathy is developed from complications from diabetes. That is what companies will care about.

If your neuropathy is not from complications of diabetes, almost every company out there will insure you at level immediate coverage rates, the best rates available. Complications with diabetes is what they care about.

Even if you have neuropathy from complications of diabetes, you can still qualify for level immediate coverage.

How To Find Affordable Coverage

Many companies do not respond favorably to any complications from diabetes like neuropathy, insulin shock, diabetic coma, or amputations. This considerably narrows your options when looking for a company that will offer you the best rates for day one coverage.

Unfortunately, many people work with an agent or agency that only represents one company. Odds are, this company will insure you but at much higher rates than others on the market.

To find affordable coverage you 100% need to work with an independent broker and agency such as Seniors Mutual.

Many people out there have insurance policies that they are paying hundreds of dollars more a year on than they need to, because they didn’t know their options.

To find affordable coverage, all we do is ask you a series of health questions and go over your current medications, which every insurance company will look up, so make sure you know what you are taking!

After that we will be able to pair you with the best company for you at the lowest rates.

Insulin Usage

Most of the time, insulin usage does not matter to any insurance company if you didn’t start taking it until later in life.

If, however, you started taking insulin in your teens, 20s or 30s, this may complicate things further. Many companies view you as a high risk and won’t offer coverage if you started taking insulin at a young age.

The only way to know if they will cover you if you took insulin early in life is by giving us a call and talking with an independent agent or filling out our quote form.

Your Options

Your options will depend on many factors, if that isn’t obvious already.

Many times people that have diabetic neuropathy have other health issues and other serious medications that they are taking. If that is you, there is no way of knowing which company will insure you at the lowest rates until we go over all of that information.

Some companies will deny you, some will charge higher premiums, others will install a waiting period of a few years on your policy. We do not want you to go with any of those companies.

We are experts in finding affordable day one coverage for our clients at no additional cost.

Burial Insurance

Securing The Best Burial Insurance With Neuropathy

The only way to secure the peace of mind of having the cheapest burial insurance on the market is by working with an independent agency that represents multiple carriers that specialize in diabetic complications, and there are not many of those companies out there.

We will shop the market for you after going over all of your health conditions and medications and find the best possible plan for you guaranteed!

We will save you time and money. It only takes a few minutes to go over your current health profile and then we can give you accurate quotes and your options with no obligation.

Give us a call or fill out our quote form today to find the best possible policy for you.