fbpx Critical Illness Cover Calculator (2024 Rates)

Critical Illness Cover Calculator (2024 Rates)

Wondering how much mortgage life insurance with critical illness cover doesn’t have to be hard.

Our calculator will compare all of your options among the 25+ companies we work with.

Fill out our quote form to see rates for critical illness cover.

How Does It Work?


Enter your home state. Rates change depending on the state.

Health Class

The best rates are called preferred plus but not everyone qualifies. Most people will only get “standard” rates, or even “sub-standard” in some cases. Use “standard” for now, and we can go over your health to narrow down what you can get with a quick phone call.


The younger you are, the more affordable mortgage protection with critical illness cover will be. Don’t wait too long!


Rates are higher for males. Sorry fellas.

Nicotine Use

Rates are higher for smokers, specifically if you use nicotine products in the last 12 months.

Type Of Insurance

People 70+ can only get 10 year terms. People younger can get longer terms up to 30 years depending on age. If nothing shows up for you, lower the term length.

Face Amount

The face amount should be the amount on your mortgage, plus a little if you want to leave even more behind to your family. This is also what would be used to calculate how much they pay out for critical illness.

Contact Info

We’d love to speak to you and go over all of your options in your area to find the best price for you!

How Much Does Critical Illness Cover Cost?

Rates for critical illness cover vary depending on the company and most importantly, your age and how much coverage you are looking for.

Smoker rates are also more expensive of course.

In the end, this calculator will show you some estimates but we will need to hop on the phone together to get more accurate quotes.

How Do You Calculate Critical Illness?

If you are looking to cover your mortgage in the case of critical illness, you can just use the closest amount to your mortgage.

You can less or more coverage of course.

They will pay out close to the entire face amount that you select if the event of a chronic, terminal, or critical illness.

What Does Critical Illness Usually Cover?

We wrote a more detailed guide on what critical illness covers and how much it will pay out here.

Best Critical Illness Plans

We work with 25+ different insurance companies, however a few usually stand out from the rest, depending on health conditions.

It is difficult to say who is the best as it is a case by case basis.

Fill out our quote form to compare options and we will go over which ones give you the lowest rate and which ones will insure you based on your health.


Critical illness cover doesn’t have to be expensive.

Most people can find affordable coverage to pay off the mortgage in the event of illness, disability, or death.

Fill out our quoter to see sample rates or reach out to use and we will be in touch.