fbpx Instant Approval Final Expense Life Insurance With AIDS/HIV

Final Expense Life Insurance With AIDS/HIV [Approved In Minutes]

It can seem near impossible to get life insurance with AIDS/HIV.

The truth is if you are having trouble getting life insurance with AIDS/HIV we are here to help!

We are experts in finding life insurance for people with these conditions, and we do it all the time. In fact, you will be surprised to find out how easy it really is.

Read on to see just how easy we make it to get approved for life insurance in minutes.

How to Qualify For Life Insurance

Unfortunately, many insurance carriers will flat out not accept people with AIDS/HIV, but not all of them. If you have been declined for insurance due to this reason, do not worry, we offer all of the carriers that will help you out (and not charge you anything extra).

The reality is, in the life insurance industry, the only companies that will insure you offer what is called guaranteed issue life insurance. There are not very many of the companies but we contract with every single one of them and will find you the best rate.

Guaranteed issue life insurance does not ask health questions, and because of that they will not charge you anything extra for having AIDS/HIV. They base prices on age only!

So you may be asking, what’s the catch?

The only catch to life insurance with AIDS/HIV via guaranteed issue policies is that they all come with a two year waiting period, where if you die during this period, they only pay out what you’ve paid in plus 10%.

Now, it’s hard to get anywhere close to 10% return on your money nowadays, but this is still far from full benefits that you will receive if you live through the two years and start receiving full benefits.

The other catch to guaranteed issue is that they only insure people from ages 40-80. No exceptions. If you are not in this age range with AIDS/HIV unfortunately you will not qualify for coverage with any carrier.

Guaranteed issue policies are the only way to get life insurance if you have AIDS/HIV.

Luckily the prices are still very affordable, you just have to start eating through that two year waiting period ASAP.

Applying For Guaranteed Issue

Luckily, the application for guaranteed issue life insurance comes at no cost to you. And it only takes a few minutes!

Since these policies ask no health questions and have no health underwriting, all they need is some personal information (address, payment, age etc.) and you are approved!

Then you have to start eating through that waiting period. Remember, you still get what you’ve paid in with 10% interest.

Furthermore, the first payment can be scheduled out up to 30 days in advance, so if you are not sure if you need one or not, we suggest applying anyway, as you can always cancel later before the first payment free of charge.

To apply for coverage, just give us a quick call or fill out our quote form. Just know the quote form will show all companies, even the ones that are not guaranteed issue, so you’ll need to call us for exact quotes.

Guaranteed Issue Affordability

The good news is guaranteed issue policies are not that much more than your standard life insurance with health questions and extensive underwriting. You will pay more but not much more.

We cannot give exact prices as those will depend on your age and how much coverage you select to buy, but prices for $5000 in coverage range between $20-$100 depending on your age.

Prices for $10,000 in coverage will range between $35-150 depending on your age.

You get the picture.

So how much in coverage should you get?

Well, as of 2021, the average cost of a funeral and burial costs around $10,000. And prices have double in the last 17 years.

When selecting how much to buy, we suggest looking at how much it is today, and depending on your age, doubling that amount to cover the next few decades. You don’t want to buy a policy for today’s cost and 20 years later have loved ones foot the rest of the bill.

All of this being said, we can find the best rates for you from the top guaranteed issue carriers and get you coverage for life insurance right away.

Which Company To Buy From

The truth is, there are over a dozen companies that offer guaranteed issue life insurance. But they are not all created equal.

In fact, the prices can vary significantly, some charging you hundreds more a year than others.

The good news is at Seniors Mutual we represent all of the top life insurance companies and will offer you the ones the give you the best rate, no matter what.

This only happens because we are an independent agency. We do not care which company you go with, it does not make a difference to us.

Many people we talk to with AIDS/HIV have been declined by another insurance company because they were not working with an independent agency.

We cannot stress how important this is. This allows us to offer you the best company for you and save you lots of money.

If you want some quotes for life insurance for AIDS/HIV give us a quick call and we will go over your information with you with no obligation and help you find the best life insurance options available to you!