fbpx Get Your Free Prescription Drug Card – Save Up To 80% On Rx

Get Your Free Prescription Drug Card – Save Up To 80% On Your Prescriptions

On behalf of consumers nationwide, many prescription drug companies have negotiated discount rates with drugstores and retail outlets. Many uninsured and under-insured seniors are at risk of getting gouged at the pharmacy if they need some serious prescriptions.

That’s where a free prescription drug card comes in. We a prescription drug partner that allows us to give out these cards to you for free.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Fill out your email and we will send you the card information.
  2. Open your email to find the card and code.
  3. Give that code to your pharmacist to save up to 80% on your medications.

Once your pharmacy has that code, they will always use the card in the future to help you save money. No need to bring the code each time!

It’s that easy.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us or use our chat option to talk with a live agent.


Can I use this card if I have insurance?

Absolutely, and this card will actually beat your insurance most of the time.

Can I use this at multiple pharmacies?

You can use it as many times as you want, at any pharmacy.

Can I use this card for my friends and family?

We encourage you to! Your friends and family will receive a code of their own as well.

What if I have Medicare?

Medicare unfortunately will rarely give you the lowest price. The drug card is free and the pharmacy will compare which gives you the lowest price among all of your insurance policies and the drug card. Whichever one is lowest is what you will pay.

Fill out the form to get your free prescription drug card.