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Ladder Life Insurance Review In 2024

Ladder Life Insurance

Ladder Life Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

Ladder Life Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


Ladder insurance offers a completely online life insurance process but their prices are a bit higher than average for some people and you cannot get insurance after 60.

✅ 100% online❌ Above average prices
✅ High coverage amounts❌ Term life insurance only (no whole life)
❌ Max age to get coverage is 60
❌ No riders or supplementary coverage

Ladder life insurance is a 100% online platform for consumers to buy life insurance without talking to anyone. You can usually get a decision instantly and there is no medical exam. However, their prices are very high and they don’t insure anyone over 60.

This article will go over their products, sample prices, and our recommendation for Ladder life insurance.

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Ladder Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is Ladder’s only product, with terms of 10-30 years. No medical exam is required for coverage amounts up to $3million. If you want more coverage than that, you will have to do a medical exam. $8million is the maximum amount ladder will insure, which is a very high amount for a 100% online platform.

Unfortunately, Ladder only offers its term life insurance to people ages 20-60.

Change Coverage Easily

Ladder makes it very easy to change your coverage amount up or down after you’ve bought the policy. you can do this entirely online without canceling your current coverage as well.


Ladder doesn’t offer any riders on their life insurance products like terminal illness, or the ability to add children to your policy. If you are looking for good riders to add to your policy you’ll have to look elsewhere.


Ladder is known for offering competitive rates for people with no health conditions whatsoever. If you have any pre-existing conditions this is not the company for you, as they will deny you or increase the price drastically.

Even if you are healthy, there are other companies that offer term life insurance with no medical exam that offer lower rates. You may have to talk with an agent, however.

Compare Ladder To Other Companies

If you want good savings it’s important to do your homework! Ladder offers a 100% online platform but is not good for everyone, especially if you are over 60.

Compare rates from many different life insurance companies by filling out our quoter and seeing online quotes for free instantly.

If you want to get approved for life insurance and save the most money give us a call today.