Life Insurance For Police Officers (Compare 2023 Rates)

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Life Insurance For Police

What kind of life insurance can police officers get?

How much is it?

There are many questions law enforcement officers have when looking at life insurance.

This article will show you everything you need to know about life insurance for police officers. You can also get sample rates by filling out our quoter.

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What Kind Of Life Insurance Do Police Officers Get?

Police officers can get all of the same types of life insurance that others can get such as term life, whole life, universal life, and mortgage protection.

Term Life Insurance For Police Officers

Term life insurance for police officers will be the cheapest form of life insurance. While these only last for a specific term, rates are locked in for the term and you convert these policies to a permanent policy later on if you wish.

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Whole Life Insurance For Police Officers

Police officers can get whole life insurance that lasts for life. These do not expire and rates are locked in for life. These are more expensive than term life insurance but build cash value that you can use while still living.

Universal Life Insurance For Police Officers

Universal life insurance for police officers is similar to whole life in that it lasts for life. However, it has flexible monthly premiums. This means you can pay more or less during some months than others, depending on how much cash value you want to build up in the policy.

There will always be a minimum monthly premium, however.

Mortgage Protection For Police Officers

Mortgage protection is a type of modified term life insurance that pays off the mortgage in the event of death or while still living if you are diagnosed with chronic or terminal illness or disability.

These are great policies if you have a mortgage that you want paid for for a spouse or family member.

Do Police Get Life Insurance Through Work?

Yes, most of the time police officers have the option to get life insurance through their employer.

However, this is usually minimal coverage, and doesn’t stay with them if they leave their job or move somewhere else.

If you get your own policy, you can lock in rates for life, or the term, while still young.

Best Life Insurance For Police Officers

There are many different life insurance companies that are good choices for police officers.

However, as an independent agency, a few stand out from the crowd.

Below is the best life insurance for police officers.

1) National Life Group

We love National Life Group for many reasons. Notably, they offer no medical exam policies to people up to age 65 at fully underwritten rates.

This means they give you the same low rates you would otherwise get but waive the medical exam. Many times, a decision through National Life Group is instant decision or a few business days.

And, compared to other non-medical exam companies, they are hard to beat.

2) Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha has great fully underwritten life insurance rates for police officers if you have to take the medical exam for some reason.

Their policies are very lenient and accept many health conditions others do not.

They also are very well-known among many in the country.

3) American Amicable

American Amicable stands out because they offer non-medical exam life insurance for police officers all the way up to age 75. They are one of the few companies that do so to that age.

They also give out approvals very fast.

4) Prosperity

Prosperity is one of the best life insurance companies for police officers if you have serious health conditions because they only look at the past 5 years.

If you had a serious health event over 5 years ago you will get denied with most companies or sky-high rates.

However, Prosperity only cares about the past 5 years so you are in the clear if you had a heart attack 6 years ago.

Life Insurance For Law Enforcement Summary

Life insurance for law enforcement and police officers is more important than other careers given the circumstances and duties of the job.

Make sure you explore your options by letting an independent broker like Seniors Mutual shop for you.

We work with all of the top A+ rated companies to find the best rates for you.

No matter your health conditions, we can find a policy for you.

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