fbpx Life Insurance Savings Group Review: An Honest Look In 2023

Life Insurance Savings Group Review: An Honest Look In 2024

Life Insurance Savings

Life Insurance Savings Group Review

Kelly Maxwell

Life Insurance Savings
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Life Insurance Savings Group runs many advertisements for guaranteed issue life insurance but this is rarely the best option for most people. You should look elsewhere for final expense insurance.


Life Insurance Savings Group runs many advertisements on T.V. and elsewhere advertising their “guaranteed issue” life insurance plans for seniors to cover final expenses.

Their website is owned and operated by Tiburon Insurance Services which appears to be an affiliate of Select Quote, a massive call center for insurance.

So how do they stack up and which companies do they represent?

This article will cover all that Life Insurance Savings Group has to offer and whether they can offer the best prices or not.

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Is Life Insurance Savings Group Legitimate?

Life Insurance Savings Group is an independent insurance agency and they are legitimate. Many people find them by seeing their T.V. advertisements or other marketing material.

They are an affiliate with Select Quote and a few other agencies and companies, but it is not completely clear what companies they work with.

Life Insurance Savings Group Cost

While their website has simplified issue (no waiting period) and guaranteed issue plans, their advertisements only market their guaranteed issue.

Guaranteed issue insurance is “guaranteed” to every person but they all come with a two-year waiting period.

This is the biggest con about Life Insurance Savings Group. It appears they only try to sell guaranteed issue insurance with a waiting period.

It is also the reason we say you should look elsewhere if you can help it.

So what is the cost of their guaranteed issue insurance?

Here is a chart showing guaranteed issue plans from Life Insurance Savings Group compared to simplified issue (no waiting period) that we can offer.

AgeLife Insurance Savings Group $10kSeniors Mutual $10k

Life Insurance Savings Group’s costs are 50-70% more than their competitors and alternatives.

This is mainly because they appear to only offer guaranteed issue life insurance, which is much higher in cost and with a waiting period.

Life Insurance Savings Group BBB & Complaints

Life Insurance Savings Group is not accredited by the BBB. That does not mean anything bad necessarily, but it is impossible to see reviews and complaints from customers anywhere since they do not show that on their website either.

With that being said, most companies who exclusively sell guaranteed issue at higher prices and waiting periods have above-average complaints.

Most of these complaints are from the waiting period that is not disclosed at the time of purchase. If someone unexpectedly passes away in the first few years the company will only give you your money back, and no death benefit.

This leads to many complaints from family members of customers who thought they had a solid final expense insurance plan.


It is our recommendation never to go with Life Insurance Savings Group. Even if you are very unhealthy or have current cancer, you can get better guaranteed issue final expense insurance plans elsewhere.

We at Seniors Mutual don’t just work with a few companies. We have access to 15+ different companies to find everyone the best possible price and product.

And most people qualify for immediate coverage with no waiting period of any kind.

If you want to compare quotes among all of the top companies you can do so instantly for free by filling out our quoter now.

We look forward to hearing from you!