fbpx Mortgage Protection Insurance For Diabetics (2024 Update)

Mortgage Protection Insurance For Diabetics (2024 Update)

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Mortgage Protection Insurance For Diabetics

Mortgage protection insurance for diabetics can be a pain if you don’t know where to look.

Some people even think they can’t get coverage.

But look no further! Seniors Mutual works with the top mortgage protection companies to find the lowest rates and best coverage for you.

This article will cover what you should expect when getting mortgage protection insurance as a diabetic.

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Can I Get Mortgage Protection Insurance With Diabetes?

Yes! And depending on the severity of diabetes and other health conditions and medications, sometimes at the same rates as people without diabetes.

The key will depend on things like your A1c levels, height and weight, and other complications if any with diabetes like heart, circulatory, or nerve problems.

Mortgage Protection Health Classes With Diabetes

The below health classes are for mortgage protection policies that require a medical exam, but you can also get policies with no medical exam at slightly higher rates.

  • Preferred Plus – These are the best rates available, but unfortunately, no person with diabetes gets these rates.
  • Preferred – It is possible but unlikely to qualify for preferred rates as a diabetic. For most carriers, you must have been diagnosed over age 60 and have no other health conditions.
  • Standard Plus – This rate is very healthy diabetics diagnosed over the age of 50. You must be in above-average health to qualify.
  • Standard – This is where most type 2 diabetics fall, and must have been diagnosed over the age of 50. Minor health conditions are permitted.
  • Sub-Standard – These ratings are divided into tables 1-8. Each rating will get slightly more expensive. If you have type 1 diabetes or were diagnosed with type 2 before the age of 50 you will be in one of these ratings.

No Medical Exam Mortgage Protection Insurance With Diabetes

If you don’t want to take a medical exam or need coverage ASAP, consider a non-medical exam mortgage protection policy.

Rates are typically one size fits all or broken up into two groups, depending on the carrier. You will also get an instant decision or one within a few days max.

Type 1 diabetics are a great fit for the non-medical exam mortgage protection policies, as prices will be higher after doing a medical exam policy.

Other Considerations For Diabetes

There are many things that mortgage protection insurance companies will take into account when looking at a potential insured. For diabetes, they may need the following.

  • A1C levels
  • How long you’ve had diabetes
  • When were you diagnosed
  • Diabetic complications (If any)
  • Height/weight

Type 1 VS Type 2 Diabetes Mortgage Protection Insurance

People with type 1 diabetes have a harder time getting mortgage protection insurance, especially the non-medical exam policies.

For instance, almost all non-medical exam mortgage protection policies deny anyone who was diagnosed with diabetes before age 35, which is almost all type 1 diabetics.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

  • Type 1 diabetics will have to go through a medical exam no matter what and show that it is controlled
  • Type 2 diabetics most of the time qualify for non-medical exam policies but can also go through a medical exam to prove their health and save even more money

Best Mortgage Protection Insurance Companies For Diabetics

There are many mortgage protection companies out there like State Farm, Allstate, and Geico. However, they are never the best option for diabetics, or even healthy people.

Who do you think is paying for all of those advertisements on t.v.?

Below are the best mortgage protection insurance companies for diabetics from our independent view.

If you want to apply or want more information about any of these companies, contact us or fill out our quoter.

Foresters Insurance

Foresters Financial

Foresters Financial has fantastic rates for diabetics and is one of the most lenient.

They offer both medical and non-medical exam policies for both type 1 and type 2 diabetics at affordable rates.

Foresters also accepts people for their non-medical exam mortgage protection policy that are using insulin. Most companies will decline you for that.

American Amicable

American Amicable

American Amicable offers some of the lowest non-medical exam rates we have ever seen.

Their underwriting is very lenient and accept many people that other companies do not.

Unfortunately, they do not offer medical exam policies, which are the lowest cost option for some diabetics.

Mutual Of Omaha Insurance

Mutual Of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is a well-known company for many different lines of insurance.

They also offer great medical exam rates for diabetics.

Their non-medical exam rates are a bit high, but if you are looking for low medical exam policies Mutual of Omaha might be the lowest cost option for you.

Mortgage Protection Insurance With Diabetic Complications

If you have additional complications with your diabetes you will have higher rates or be declined altogether, but this will depend on the condition.

Serious conditions such as coronary heart disease, uncontrolled diabetes, insulin shock, etc. will be declines for most companies.

If you have very serious diabetic complications we can still get you covered most of the time, it will just be a different type of product.

Get The Best Mortgage Protection Insurance For Diabetics

Wondering at this point how to get the best mortgage protection insurance as a diabetic?

To put it simply, you need to work with an independent agency like us at Seniors Mutual.

If you are not working with an independent agent, you will only be offered what that one company can provide, and as a diabetic, it is usually a decline or sky high rates.

Don’t let that be you. We at Seniors Mutual work with diabetics almost every day to help find the best mortgage protection products for them to protect their family.

If you have any other questions or concerns please reach out or leave a comment below.

We look forward to speaking with you.