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Prosperity Medicare Supplement Review In 2024

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Prosperity Medicare Supplement Review

Kelly Maxwell

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Prosperity has the lowest rates available for most people. However, it is a new product line from Prosperity with no history of rate increases to judge off of.

✅ Lowest Rates Available❌ New Product Line For Prosperity Since 2021
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Prosperity is well known for their life insurance products, but recently expanded into the Medicare insurance industry as well. Their Medicare supplement plans are the lowest priced on the market.

In this article, we will go over what Prosperity offers, sample prices, and recommendations for their Medicare supplement line.

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State Availability

Prosperity doesn’t operate in every state for its Medicare supplement line. States highlighted in blue are the ones they currently do business in.

If you don’t live in one of the blue states, there are plenty of other affordable companies.

Prosperity State Availability

Medicare Supplement Plan Options

Prosperity currently only offers Medicare supplement plans A, F, G, and N. These are the most popular plans and cover most of the gaps in Medicare.

Below is a chart of the differences between each Medicare supplement plan and what they cover.

Medigap Plan Details

Prosperity Pricing

Prosperity has some of the best rates available for the plans they offer. We haven’t seen any other companies come close to them. Pricing will depend on where you live.

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Prosperity has the lowest rates available for most people if you live in their service area. We highly recommend checking out Prosperity if you are looking for a Medicare supplement.

With that being said since Medicare supplements are a new product line for them we have no idea what rates will look like in the coming years. Rates are not locked in for Medicare supplements like life insurance. It is important to review your rate each year and see if there are other companies that can offer you something significantly better.

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