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Qualify For Burial Life Insurance After An Aneurysm

Life after an aneurysm can be difficult if was very severe, or back to normal if it was very minor. In either case, many people think that prices for burial life insurance go up to unaffordable rates or can not qualify for coverage altogether.

The truth is there are many companies that will insure you after an aneurysm at rock bottom rates.

You just have to know where to look.

In this quick article we will cover how insurance companies view and insure people with aneurysms and how to qualify for coverage.

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How Life Insurance Companies View Aneurysms

Aneurysms can be life threatening or very minor. Regardless of how severe it was, life insurance companies only care if you’ve had one or not. Luckily, for most people they will still qualify for rock bottom rates.

The determining factor to how the insurance company will view your aneurysm is how long ago it happened.

There is one company out there that will give you level immediate coverage at rock bottom rates if your aneurysm was over 18 months ago. Most other companies will only ask about the past 24 months (2 years).

If your aneurysm was over this time ago, then most companies will still offer you level immediate coverage, and you can about business as normal.

However, if you’ve had a recent aneurysm, you still have many options.

Your options with a recent aneurysm are to go with a guaranteed issue policy that does not ask any health questions.

Medical Exam

You are never required to get a medical exam for any type of burial life insurance, and most of the time no health questions are necessary either! All you have to do is send in your online application to the insurance company and you get approved within minutes.

Aneurysm Treatments and Prescriptions

If your are not taking any prescription medications for an aneurysm, this section does not apply to you. However, many people take medication for an aneurysm indefinitely.

For every application for final expense burial life insurance, the insurance company will do a quick prescription check.

If you are taking medication for an aneurysm, even if that aneurysm was many years ago, this can be a red flag for the insurance company.

Luckily, we know which ones to avoid.

Most of the time, the medication prescribed for an aneurysm is not serious and is ok with most companies. But we will need to go over your prescriptions to make sure you don’t get declined.

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance After An Aneurysm

The truth is, in our experience finding burial insurance after an aneurysm is never a problem, even getting level coverage at the lowest rates with no waiting period.

The secret is to use an independent insurance agent who will look at all your options and find you the best rates.

Seniors Mutual is such an independent agency. But no matter who you work with, make sure your rates are the best in your state, are rate locked, and will guarantee a payout when you pass away.

We at Seniors Mutual are experts in deciding which is the best company to go with that has a great track record of paying out the coverage amount to your loved ones.

Give us a call or fill out the quote form to the right to get some free quotes today from the top companies!