fbpx Senior Life Insurance Company Review: Bad For Seniors?

Senior Life Insurance Company Review: Bad For Seniors?

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Senior Life Insurance Company

Senior Life Insurance Company Review

Kelly Maxwell

Senior Life Insurance Company
Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


Senior Life Insurance Company works closely with online company Ethos to deliver life insurance products to seniors and those of other ages. Their prices are above-average and have many complaints about unsolicited calls on the Better Business Bureau.

✅ Can buy through Ethos online❌ High number of complaints
❌ Above-average rates
❌ Picky with underwriting
❌ Only up to $30,000

Overall, Senior Life Insurance Company is not a bad company, however, they leave much to be desired.

There are many other companies that make our list of top life insurance companies before Seniors Life Insurance Company.

This article is a complete review of all that they offer and sample rates.

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Who Is Senior Life Insurance Company?

Senior Life Insurance Company was established in 2000 and primarily sells final expense whole life insurance, but they also sell term as well.

They have thousands of agents across the country and are one of the fastest growing final expense companies in the past decade.

Senior Life Insurance Company Products

Senior Life Insurance Company primarily sells final expense whole life, but they also have 20-year term as well.

Immediate Coverage Whole Life

  • Up to $30,000
  • Immediate coverage (no waiting period)
  • Must qualify through health conditions

Senior Life Insurance Company’s immediate coverage product is the main product that they market. This is your standard final expense whole life insurance policy.

The only difference between this policy and others like Mutual of Omaha is that Senior Life Insurance Company’s product is higher in price.

Guaranteed Issue Whole Life

  • Up to $10,000
  • 3 year waiting period
  • Ages 0-85

The guaranteed issue product we have found to be far above average in price compared to other guaranteed issue companies.

However, they offer this plan to anyone ages 0-85, which can be beneficial for some younger people with very serious health conditions.

You should try to stay away from waiting period plans if you can.

20-Year Term

Senior Life Insurance Company also has a 20-year term life insurance policy.

Unfortunately, this only comes in a term of 20 years, and nothing else.

If you are looking for simplified issue term life insurance, you will find better rates and plans elsewhere for this type of product.

Senior Life Insurance Company Rates

Senior Life Insurance Company has above-average rates for their life insurance products.

Below are sample rates for their final expense product.

Immediate Coverage Whole Life – Female Non-Smoker


Unfortunately, they do not display rates on their website and make you talk to someone to get rates.

Senior Life Insurance Company Lawsuit

Senior Life Insurance Company has faced a lawsuit involving unsolicited texts and calls from its employees.

You can read more about the lawsuit here.

While this is pretty standard in the insurance industry, you don’t want to work with a company that bombards you with calls or texts unsolicited.


As an independent agency and brokerage, it is our opinion that there are many other companies that will serve you better than Senior Life Insurance Company.

You can read our list of the best life insurance companies for seniors here.

Any of the companies on that list will serve you better and companies that we work with often.

If you have any questions about Senior Life Insurance Company, or want quotes on final expense whole life or term life please fill out our quoter to see instant quotes.