fbpx Term Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60 (2024 Rates)

Term Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60 (2024 Rates)

Fill out our quoter to compare rates for term life insurance from all of the top rated companies. You can get term life insurance all the way up to age 80.

Seniors have many life insurance options available to them, including term life insurance.

But what are the prices and is it a good option?

It depends.

Our article will show you everything you need to know and sample rates if you are looking for term life insurance over 60.

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Can A 60 Year Old Get Term Life Insurance?

Yes, a 60 year old can get term life insurance.

In fact, you can get term life insurance all the way up to age 80.

However, rates are much better if you are in your sixties, and you have more options.

What Is Better For Seniors Term Or Whole Life?

While this article mainly talks about term life insurance, you have whole life options available as well if over 60.

What’s better for you depends on what you’re needing coverage for.

People who have large debts like a mortgage may be better suited for a large term policy.

Others that have serious recent health conditions that don’t qualify for term or don’t have a mortgage anymore might be better suited getting a small life insurance policy for final expenses.

We offer both at Seniors Mutual, and can find you the best rates and best products no matter you are looking for.

Which Insurance Company Is Best For Seniors Citizens?

There are many good life insurance picks for seniors.

However, having contracts with 15+ companies and knowing how likely they are to approve people, here are our picks for the top term life insurance companies for seniors.

Click here to read out top term life insurance companies for seniors.

Spoiler: The best companies are not the big life insurance companies you see on t.v.

Term Life Insurance Rates For Seniors

Prices will depend on factors such as height/weight, smoking status, and other health conditions.

However, here are some sample rates from companies that you can expect.

Keep in mind, most seniors only get approved for “standard” rates, which are below, but it is possible to get “preferred” rates at lower cost if very healthy.

65 Year Old Male

Term Length$100,000$200,000$300,000
10 Year$80/month$154/month$228/month
15 Year$114/month$260/month$329/month
20 Year$170/month$340/month$472/month

65 Year Old Female

Term Length$100,000$200,000$300,000
10 Year$63/month$120/month$170/month
15 Year$95/month$183/month$236/month
20 Year$130/month$260/month$318/month

Medical Exam Vs Non-Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

There are many non-medical exam term life insurance options for seniors over 60.

However, you should know they are more expensive than the fully underwritten policies that require an exam.

We recommend going over both options so you can make an informed decision.

Best Term Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60

Ultimately, the best term life insurance for seniors over 60 will depend on your health factors.

It’s important to work with an independent agency like Seniors Mutual so you compare your options and know you’re getting a good deal.

We can’t tell you the amount of times we talk with people who are overpaying or buying too much insurance than they need.

We work with 15+ insurance companies to find the best deal for you.

Please fill out our quoter to compare your option for the best term life insurance for seniors over 60!