fbpx Allstate Burial Insurance Review In 2024

Allstate Burial Insurance Review In 2024

Allstate Insurance

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Allstate Burial Insurance Review

Kelly Maxwell

Editor’s Rating: 2/5 Stars


Allstate is a well-known provider of many lines of insurance. Their burial insurance leaves much to be desired, with above-average premiums and strict underwriting.

✅ Talk with local agent❌ High premiums
❌ Strict underwriting
❌ Only to age 80
❌ Hard to get prices online

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Does Allstate Offer Burial Insurance?

Allstate does offer burial insurance for ages 0-80, with minimum amounts of $10,000, however, their burial insurance policies are outshined by their competitors.

Allstate Burial Insurance Explained

Age Range: 0-80

Level Premiums: Yes, for life

Coverage: $10,000 minimum

Waiting Period: No (Must qualify)

Allstate burial insurance is pretty much the same as other burial insurance policies. All companies are competing on is the price and quality of customer service.

To qualify for Allstate burial insurance you must be younger than 80 and have no serious health conditions. Allstate will deny many people for certain health conditions, unlike other burial insurance companies like Mutual of Omaha or Aetna, which will take a wide variety.

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Burial Insurance Quotes

Allstate does not offer free quotes on its website for burial insurance, unfortunately. However, we have seen some prices for certain ages and they are higher than they should be, compared to their competitors. On average, Allstate premiums seem to be about 30% more.

Below are sample burial insurance rates from some of the top carriers in the business. Rates are for $10,000 for a female non-smoker.

AgeMutual of OmahaAetnaLiberty Bankers

To compare rates among all of the top burial insurance companies fill out our quoter.

Our Take On Allstate Burial Insurance

Quite frankly, there is no reason we can think of to go with Allstate for your burial insurance needs. They are over-priced, and Allstate agents can only offer you Allstate insurance.

Furthermore, if you have a serious health condition, they will most likely deny you.

That’s where an independent agency like Seniors Mutual comes in. We can find anyone coverage no matter your health conditions.

And most people receive day one coverage with no waiting period!

If you want to know your options for burial insurance for yourself or a loved one, please contact us today or fill out our quote form to see instant free quotes from all of the top companies in your area.