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GEICO Mortgage Protection Insurance Review: Good In 2024?

Compare quotes from many A+ rated companies by using our quoter. Wondering if GEICO has good mortgage protection insurance? Well, the short answer is they don’t. They work with partner companies to provide this type of insurance, and their partner companies are over priced and few options, especially for older folks. Read on to see…
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Medicare Flex Card For Seniors: Don’t Be Fooled!

There are many advertisements recently telling Seniors they qualify for a Medicare flex card. However, seniors should know the truth about what this card is and which plans offer it. Table Of Contents What Is A Medicare Flex Card? Medicare flex cards are additional benefits cards that you can use for qualifying medical expenses such…
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13 Most Shocking Chat GPT Statistics for 2024 & Beyond

Chat GPT has taken the world by storm, and many people do not know much about it. So how many people are using Chat GPT, and what other things can it do? This article has all of the most shocking statistics for Chat GPT in 2024 & beyond. Table Of Contents 1) The GPT-3 model,…
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Foresters Insurance

Foresters Life Insurance Review: One Of The Best In 2024

Fill out our quoter to compare 15+ life insurance companies’ rates and apply. Never heard of Foresters Life Insurance? Don’t worry, they have been around since 1874 and have some great life insurance products. This review will cover all of their life insurance products and whether they are worth it or not. You can also…
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Mutual Of Omaha Insurance

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Review In 2024

Fill out our quoter to apply and compare 15+ life insurance companies’ quotes, including Mutual of Omaha. Mutual of Omaha may be well known, but what kind of life insurance products do they have? And are they a good deal compared to others? This review will go over all of their current life insurance products…
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Medicare Advantage Plans In Houston (2024 Update)

Compare Medicare Advantage/Part D plans in Houston Texas. Seniors Mutual is a local independent Medicare agency. Houston might be known by some as the healthcare capital of the nation. And that’s no exception for its Medicare Advantage plans. Houston has many different Medicare Advantage and Part D plans to choose from to meet your needs.…
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Compare 2024 Medicare Advantage Plans In Texas

Fill out our quoter to compare Medicare Advantage plans in your zip code. No contact information is needed unless you want to talk to someone. The Lone Star State has many Medicare Advantage plans to choose from. But what do they cover? This article will answer frequently asked questions if you want to instantly compare…
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Term life insurance rates for seniors

Term Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70 (2024 Update)

Compare 15+ companies on our quoter and save! Note: Most seniors only qualify for the “standard” health class. Term life insurance for seniors over 70 is available! There are a few types of term life insurance that are offered depending on your situation. Read on to see sample rates and types of term life insurance…
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Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85

Senior Life Insurance Quotes In 2024

Fill out our quoter to compare senior life insurance quotes among the top companies instantly. Seniors can get surprisingly low life insurance quotes nowadays, all with no medical exam. This article will show sample quotes for both final expense whole life insurance and term life insurance for seniors. Table Of Contents Senior Life Insurance Overview…
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Senior Life Insurance Company

Senior Life Insurance Company Review: Bad For Seniors?

Fill out our quoter to compare prices among all of the top-rated companies in your state and save. Pros Cons ✅ Can buy through Ethos online ❌ High number of complaints ❌ Above-average rates ❌ Picky with underwriting ❌ Only up to $30,000 Overall, Senior Life Insurance Company is not a bad company, however, they…
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