fbpx Medicare Cost Calculator 2024 | Compare 15+ Companies & Save

Medicare Cost Calculator 2024 | Compare 15+ Companies & Save


Medicare can be confusing. Fortunately, we can make things simple!

Fill out our Medicare cost calculator to see just how much you will need to spend for different Medicare plans in your area.

If you are on mobile select “Get quote” to use the calculator.

How Does It Work?

Medicare Cost Calculator


Medicare plans vary greatly depending on your zip code and area. Make sure this is right to see accurate quotes.

Effective Date

The effective date is when you want the Medicare plan to start and when the first payment will be.

Plan Code

Which Medicare plan do you want? There is Plan A-N. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. You can change plans while looking at different rates and companies. The most popular plans are Plan F, G, & N.


Rates are higher for males. Sorry fellas.


Your age will determine the price of your Medicare plan for most types of plans. However, some are “community-rated” that give everyone the same rate regardless of age.

Be sure to put “65” as the age if you are about to turn 65, as 64 will not pull any results.

Nicotine Use

Rates are higher for smokers, but fortunately, not that much more.

Contact Info

We’d love to help and serve you when it comes to Medicare. Also know that we will never share your information with anyone, EVER. Only one person from Seniors Mutual will call you and that’s it!


We take pride in showing instant online quotes comparing 15+ different Medicare plans and companies to you.

Most websites will make speak to someone to get quotes, but we are very transparent.

Shop the market today and see which companies give you the best rate, and when you’re ready, we can help enroll in a plan.

We look forward to speaking with you.