fbpx AARP Medicare Supplement Review: Still Worth It In 2024?

AARP Medicare Supplement Review: Still Worth It In 2024?

AARP Medicare Supplement From United Healthcare

AARP Medicare Supplement Review

Kelly Maxwell

AARP Medicare Supplement From United Healthcare
Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


AARP offers Medicare supplement plans through United Healthcare which come at above-average premiums but additional benefits like discounted vision and dental. You can find better prices elsewhere.

✅ Good accessory benefits❌ Above average prices
❌ Requires AARP membership
❌ Initial discounts phase out over time raising prices
❌ Many customer complaints

AARP Medicare supplement plans insured by United Healthcare have the biggest market share of any company in Medicare supplements.

But are they good in 2023?

This article will show you sample prices and expert recommendations on AARP’s Medicare supplement products.

If you want to compare 15+ of the top companies’ Medicare supplements fill out our quoter or chat with us.

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AARP Medicare Supplement Products

AARP offers all Medicare supplement plans through United Healthcare except Plan D & M. This means for pretty much every type of plan and situation, you can find a plan through them.

Here is a handy Medicare supplement plan comparison chart that shows what each type of plan offers.

Medigap PlMedigap Plan Comparison Chartan Details

Note: Plan C and F are no longer available to Medicare enrollees who became eligible after January 1, 2020. If you are older you can still enroll in those plans.

AARP Medicare Supplement Discount

AARP’s discount structure for their Medicare supplement plans is very unique and also in our opinion kind of deceiving.

Most people are eligible for an enrollment discount which starts at 45% and decreases by 2% until age 80, where it starts to decreases by 3% a year until it reaches 0.

This effectively means your monthly premiums will go up each year by this amount.

While all Medicare supplement companies increase prices every year either due to age, inflation, or other healthcare costs, AARP’s discount phase-out structure means it will raise your prices considerably over time.

Click here to read more about AARP’s discount structure.

This is one of the biggest reasons we do not recommend AARP.

AARP Medicare Supplement Benefits

AARP comes with many accessory benefits for enrolling in their supplement plans.

  • Discounted vision, dental & hearing
  • 24/7 nurse line
  • Gym membership in some areas

Most of these benefits are offered by other Medicare supplement companies as well, such as Aetna and Prosperity.

AARP Medicare Supplement Pricing

While 8 states prohibit price increases based on health or age, most states still allow it. This chart will show you sample prices from AARP in states that allow increases based on age.

Below costs are for a female non-smoker at age 65. Prices will vary depending on location.

Plan AARP/UnitedProsperityAetna

Plan F, G, & N are the most popular plans. If you want to compare 15+ of the top companies fill out our quoter and you will see prices instantly.

AARP/United Reviews

Both AARP and United Healthcare have A+ ratings with the BBB, but they also both receive a large number of low-star reviews. Most of these negative reviews cite aggressive sales tactics and spam calls, and claims made by policyholders.

United Healthcare has an A rating with A.M. Best, suggesting it has a strong financial ability to pay Medicare claims.

Here is a sample AARP BBB profile.

Here is a sample United BBB profile.


While AARP/United Healthcare’s Medicare supplement plans have the largest market share of any company, we feel there are better options out there that are lower priced and with better customer service.

Most likely, the only reason AARP has such a large market share is due to its brand name.

The easiest way to find the best Medicare supplement product for you is to work with an independent agency like Seniors Mutual.

We compare 15+ of the top insurance companies to find the best price and product for you. We don’t care which company you choose in the end.

And our services are 100% free!

If you want to compare prices and get more information fill out our quoter or chat with us and we will go over all of your options in your area so you can decide what’s best for you.

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