Top 3 Worst Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

Worst Medicare Supplement Companies

There are many different Medicare supplement insurance companies to choose from.

And that’s a good thing!

However, there are some that will charge you high monthly premiums or increase rates substantially year over year.

Others will have horrible customer service.

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This article shows you the worst Medicare supplement companies in 2022.

Table Of Contents

  1. Colonial Penn
  2. Harvard Pilgrim
  3. State Farm

1) Colonial Penn

Colonial Penn Medicare Supplement

Kelly Maxwell

Colonial Penn Review
Editor’s Rating: 2/5 Stars


Colonial Penn offers above-average prices and has many poor customer reviews.


Colonial Penn is a well-known provider of guaranteed issue life insurance, but they also offer Medicare supplement plans.

While they may be well-known we highly suggest finding a different company for your Medicare supplement needs.

They have numerous customer complaints and have poor ratings on BBB.

You should stay away from Colonial Penn, as there are numerous other options to choose from.

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2) Harvard Pilgrim

Harvard Pilgrim Medicare Supplement

Kelly Maxwell

Harvard Pilgrim
Editor’s Rating: 2/5 Stars


Harvard Pilgrim is a regional Medicare supplement insurance provider with sky-high rates.


Stay away from Harvard Pilgrim if you can.

Harvard Pilgrim has sky-high rates for their Medicare supplement insurance and has a high number of poor customer reviews.

You will end up paying hundreds of dollars more a year with Harvard Pilgrim than their competitors.

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3) State Farm

State Farm Medicare Supplement

Kelly Maxwell

State Farm Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 1/5 Stars


We don’t ever see a need to go with State Farm Medicare supplements. Their prices are the highest on the list with no additional value whatsoever.


State Farm being on this may surprise you, but their rates are horrendous.

Don’t believe us?

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Their Medicare supplement rates are 50% higher than comparable companies with no additional value.

You should stay away from State Farm for you Medicare supplement needs.


While this is not an exhaustive list, these are some of the most popular companies that we see people paying too much for.

All Medicare supplement plans are standardized, meaning a Plan G from one company is the same as a Plan G from another.

All they compete on is price.

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars more a year for your Medicare supplement insurance.

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