fbpx Top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies (2024 Rates)

Top 10 Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies (2024 Rates)

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies

There are so many different Medicare supplement insurance companies out there, that it can be hard to pick.

Luckily, this article will show you the top Medicare supplement companies to choose from.

With the cost of Medicare supplements on the rise, it’s important to look at all your options.

And, if you want to compare quotes side by side you can do so by filling out our quoter for free.

Table Of Contents

  1. Prosperity
  2. Aetna
  3. Mutual Of Omaha
  4. New Era
  5. Manhattan Life
  6. Lumico
  7. Sentinel Security
  8. AARP/United
  9. Humana
  10. Cigna


The methodology for picking the top 10 Medicare supplement insurance companies was chosen for each companies’ rates, customer service, customer reviews, and rate increase history.

Since every Plan G is identical to every other Plan G, every company is really only competing on price and customer service.

This is Senior Mutual’s independent opinion on the top 10 best Medicare supplement insurance companies based on our experience helping seniors sign up.

Without further ado, here is the top 10.

1) Prosperity

Prosperity Medicare Supplement

Kelly Maxwell

Prosperity Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 5/5 Stars


Prosperity has the lowest rates we’ve seen for Medicare supplements and a low rate increase history the past few years.


Prosperity will save a lot of people hundreds of dollars a year on their Medicare supplement insurance and really we could end the list of best companies here.

The only downside to Prosperity is they are not in every state. States highlighted blue are where Prosperity offers their plans for Medicare supplements.

Prosperity State Availability

Overall, you cannot go wrong with a Prosperity Medicare supplement plan.

Read our full review of Prosperity Medicare supplements here.

2) Aetna/CVS

Aetna/CVS Medicare Supplement

Kelly Maxwell

Aetna Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 5/5 Stars


Aetna/CVS has great prices and customer service for their Medicare supplements. They also are the only company that lets you “bundle & save” on your final expense life insurance and Medicare supplements if you buy both through them.


Aetna also has great prices and picks up the slack for Prosperity in states where they do not offer plans.

If Prosperity does not offer a Medicare supplement in your state odds are Aetna will be the next best option.

Aetna also has a great line of ancillary health insurance products to choose from if you want more coverage.

Read our full review of Aetna Medicare supplements here.

3) Mutual Of Omaha

Mutual Of Omaha Medicare Supplement

Kelly Maxwell

Mutual Of Omaha Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 5/5 Stars


Mutual Of Omaha has great rates depending on the area. A well-known insurance provider, Mutual Of Omaha’s Medicare supplement plans are highly rated and have a low rate increase history.


Mutual Of Omaha is probably most well-known for its life insurance, however, they have great Medicare supplement rates as well.

They also are in many more states than most other Medicare supplement companies, so odds are you will always be offered a plan through Mutual Of Omaha.

Read our full review of Mutual Of Omaha Medicare supplements here.

4) New Era

New Era Medicare Supplements

Kelly Maxwell

New Era Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 4/5 Stars


New Era has some fantastic Medicare supplement rates, however, their customer reviews leave more to be desired.


New Era has some fantastic Medicare supplement insurance rates. That is a good thing.

But when you’re trying to get a surprise bill or policy information changed, many people have had complaints with New Era.

Overall, if they are the best price in your area for you, they are definitely worth considering.

5) Manhattan Life

Manhattan Life Medicare Supplements

Kelly Maxwell

Manhattan Life Insurance
Editor’s Rating: 4/5 Stars


Manhattan Life has some very affordable rates for Medicare supplements and have been a part of the Medicare world since 1992.


Manhattan Life has been in the Medicare supplement business for many decades, and is a trusted leader.

They are A+ rated and customer reviews are high.

With that being said, their rates could definitely be more in line with Aetna and Prosperity, or else we would give them 5 stars.

6) Lumico

Lumico Medicare Supplements

Kelly Maxwell

Lumcio Medicare Supplement
Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


Lumico is a newer provider in the Medicare supplement insurance world, but does have great rates and an easy application.


Lumico is not offered in as many states as other Medicare supplement plans, and does not come with any additional benefits.

However, their rates are very low and may sometimes be the best for you, depending on your area.

Read our full review of Lumico Medicare supplements here.

7) Sentinel Security

Sentinel Security Medicare Supplements

Kelly Maxwell

Sentinel Security
Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


Sentinel Security has great Medicare supplement rates and is one of the few companies that offer Plans C & D.


If you are looking for a niche Medicare supplement plans like Plan C or D, you should check out Sentinel Security.

They are one of the few companies that offer these plans and have great rates for those plan to boot.

If you want quotes for those Medicare plans Sentinel Security may be your best option.

8) United/AARP

United/AARP Medicare Supplements

Kelly Maxwell

AARP Medicare Supplement From United Healthcare
Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars


United/AARP Medicare supplement plans are available in almost every state, and have the highest market share in the Medicare supplement market. However, their prices are rarely the best for you and come with high rate increases. They also have high customer complaints and spam calls.


United/AARP Medicare supplement plans are on this list solely for the reason that they are offered in almost every state, and for some people in certain zip codes they might be your only or one of few options.

Many customers complain about spam calls and marketers always calling you as soon as you sign up.

You should try to get with a company above on this list before going with AARP/United, however, that is not always possible for everyone.

Read our full review on United/AARP Medicare supplement plans here.

9) Humana

Humana Medicare Supplements

Kelly Maxwell

Editor’s Rating:


Humana is a trusted insurance provider with good customer service. However, their rates are above-average and leave much to be desired.


Humana is very well-known and trusted with good customer service reviews.

However, their rates are pretty high and you can almost always save money by going with a different company on this list.

10) Cigna

Cigna Medicare Supplements

Kelly Maxwell

Editor’s Rating: 2/5 Stars


Similarly to Humana, Cigna offers great customer service and is very trusted by its customers. However, their rates are very high.


Cigna is a very large insurance provider that most people know and trust. And their rates are not robbery.

But they are close to it.

Prosperity Medicare supplement rates are almost half as much as Cigna.

We hope Cigna lowers its rates soon, but don’t count on it.


You may have noticed, the most popular plans by market share such as AARP/United, Humana, and Cigna, are not high on this list.

The most popular plans are rarely the best for you.

They use their weight to offer higher prices, but you can find better elsewhere.

If you want to compare all of these companies on this list, you can do so by filling out our quoter to see rates instantly side by side.

Then decide what is best for you!

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